is there a printer that prints 3x5 from the tray instead of hand fed one at a time?

jonglass gave me some really good instructions to try for my hp1320 printer to print 3x5 cards. but no dice. (jonglass, it DID work with the x marked on the pages before printing to figure out what side the printer prints the paper on (face down) Thanks~!) But, on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper from the tray, it only wants to print a one-up card smack in the middle and... after thoroughly examining the intricate mechanics of the slider-paper holders in the tray itself, it looks like it might close to 5x8, but no smaller. No fit. This is somehow like Pinderella and the Sistie Uglies and the glass slipper or something... lol

Does anyone know a printer that does not have the side effect of bankruptcy and does not require a masters degree to operate that will print lots and lots of 3x5 cards from the tray?

Or am I dreaming a right dream in the wrong times?




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perhaps Canon i-90

I haven't specifically tried 3x5 sizes, but this is a color 'photo' printer that is designed to print to odd sizes. The documentation says it prints

Credit Card (2.13" x 3.39"), 4"x 6", 5"x 7", Letter, Legal, U.S. #10 envelopes
But I know those aren't the only sizes it prints.

I purchased it for it's portability factor when I was among the jet set and would invariably have meetings with people in airports as our paths crossed. It, my laptop, my stick scanner, multi-electrical converter and wi-fi and I was good to go.

With that as its usage history, I've only ever printed black and white letter, legal, and A4. But, it should do the other sizes, and has the advantage for DIYplanner purposes of being able to print the full size of the paper (full bleed).

Short-comings may be that you can't stack up a pile of 500 cards for it. I think at most it's paper feed holds about 10 to 15 sheets. So if your mass producing, maybe this won't be what you want afterall.

Don't know what they cost here, I purchased mine 3 years ago in Jordan. But they do still make them.

This weekend I'll give a try on printing to 3x5s and let you know the results.



Hi, Angel -
I have an HP PSC 1410 all-in-one and it's been great. I think after the rebate I only paid around $60. It scans, copies, and prints in color. I have printed on 3x5 and 5x8 index cards from the tray with no problem. It has a guide that simply slides over to fit whatever size paper you put in it. Got it at the local Office Depot. Good luck!


Does it print borderless?

Does it print borderless?


I haven't really thought about it. I'll try and see.


Thank you much.

Thank you much.



I've got an HP laserjet 1200 that will do a stack in the regular paper tray, but NOT in the manual feeder.

I have to take out all my letter paper, put in the 3x5, adjust the sliders, put on the lid, etc. just to print ONE 3x5. So I try to save up. :)

I haven't tried my Samsung yet.

Anyway, if you are looking at laser printers in the store, write down the models and then go look up the manuals online before you buy one. It will tell you whether it can handle 3x5 (if the minimum paper dimension is 3.5x5, the answer is NO) and in which tray.


Another is ...

HP Photosmart C3100 also does the trick. It's an all in one.

Try the HP Laserjet 1018

I bought the HP Laserjet 1018 from Staples a few months ago... it was on sale for only $70, and it can print on 3 x 5 directly from the tray. I use it to print cards for my Circa PDA.

The sale is long over, but I see the printer online for $100-$150. It's a great little personal laser printer.

Samsung ML Series

I have a Samsung ML-1710 (two actually) b&w laser printer and it handles 3x5s and 4x6s from the tray well. This model is discontinued but I think the other models in the series work too...

Little Help?

Rolla (or anyone else with ideas), I am trying to get my ML-1710 to print from the tray with no luck. All I get is a printer error, no further info from Windows or the printer. Any pointers? My contact info is on my profile, when I figure it out, I will post how I got it to work. Thanks!

Office printers

I was able to get 3x5's to print from the manual feed tray on the printers in work. They were (I think): HP Laserjet 4200 (black and white office laserjet), and Hp Color Laserjet 5500. The last one is a giant printer that works really well and would print them very quickly, and in color. Probably outside of your price range, but you may be able to pick up a workgroup type laserjet cheap secondhand off ebay. Failing that, if you have a job in the office, it's something you could do during a break.

Printing on 3X5 cards

Avery makes a template and sells template cards for 3"X5" card; the Template number is 5388. You can download the template for free and away you'll go!!! The cards come in a box with 3 cards to a sheet with 150 cards total. It isn't the cheapest, but you won't go bankrupt!

Canon MX330 prints index cards.

I've printed a couple of hundred index cards from the feeder tray on my Canon MX330.