printing help,, please ::}

Hello everyone, so first I'll tell you that I found this site through lifehacker and I really have bought in to the Idea. but I'm having this one stumbling block and it's killing me to have to ask for help, there I said it!!
I've been try for a week atlest to get the dynamic daily page (the one with schedule on the left side and daily journal on right) to print with the margin in the center and the next day to print on the back of the journal page. could someone help me with this? I'm really new to this and would like to keep what hair I have left on my head, haha. I'm sure that alot of the experts on this site are really busy and I understand that but any help would be very much appreciated .

thanks very much in advance,

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Give up. :)

Hi Jerry.

In your position, I would just give up. Cut the paper first. Run it through with the dated pages only, then flip the stack and print out only journals. Much easier than trying to fiddle with booklet printing.


But I'm kinda lazy that way. I'd rather cut the paper first to simplify the print job than make a fancy print job to cut second.