page guide on levengers portable punch worth it, or not, do you think?

hello everyone
today is my birthday and I am 565years old, a young angel by any meansurement, and yet earth still puzzles me greatly though the people on earth are splendid

actually, today is my birthday for reallies, and i FEEL 565 years old cause I have bronchial pee-nonia. My family finally dragged me to the doc on fri who made big waving arms pronouncments about not coming in soon enough etc. So, I have what I call 'the old man's cough'... i know I need not be any more specific. lol. and also lots of heavy duty drugs that make me slightly more odd than usual. lol

Nonetheless, in my passion to circafy jillions of notes and re-organize them back into projects (I Am making progress thanks to YOU ALL who have been inestimably helpful in advice and putting up with my sense of humor....) I came across this today and wondered if you might own one of these levenger page guides, and how you like it, or dont?

Does it come separate from the portable punch at levingers? Do you buy it stand alone?

Here is a pix on ebay where I found it

any thoughts?


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This Auction

This auction seems to be for the whole Circa Portable Punch from Levenger. I own one of these, and it's quite useful when just a few pages need to be punched. I didn't have any problem figuring out how to use it, though I've read of others being confused. If I have a lot of paper that needs to be circa-fied, I vastly prefer the Circa Desk Punch (which I also own). Levenger also offers just the punch part (without the paper guide) as the Circa PDA Punch. So it does look like you can by the punch separately from the paper guide, but vice versa.

Hi Archangel, If you're

Hi Archangel,

If you're going to be smurfing (punching) anything larger than the 3" side of a 3 x 5 card, you definitely need the guide. It would be very difficult to eyeball the spacing on larger pages.
So if buying directly from Levenger it's definitely worth the $10 for the guide.

I am a notebook junkie.

Circa punch

Archangel - I recommend the page guide if you do not already have the desktop punch. I started with the portable punch and liked it - it met my needs, at least. The page guide is certainly necessary if you're punching a full page.

Now that I have the desktop punch, I carry the portable punch (but not the guide) in my briefcase. I use it for punching business cards when I want to add them to my agenda/notebook/adress book.

Circa/Levenger Junkie

thanks everyone

NOW i understand. I took your advice and just got the little portable punch. And will get the bigger page punch for home. Most of the time on my travel gigs I can wait to bring home the paper I accumulate to smurf here rather than on the road

thank y ou everyone for informing me

you all are just great generous souls