admins? know where my post went?

hello every one

can an administrator look for my post to cutting and printing section that seems to have evaporated?

s about a levenger portable punch on ebay that has a paper measureer/guard attached to it, and I had questions about the two pieces

Can anyone put it back in that forum? I think it must have gotten snagged somewhere

thank you


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Problem registering


I registered for an account (username Enola05) this weekend but have not yet received an e-mail with my password so cannot login. Now I'm not sure if I'm just being over eager or whether e-mails are disappearing into the ether (sp?).

I also posted a comment on a thread which just disappeared too :(

Is it me or does it usually take a few days

Thanks in advance


Enola, I see your account


I see your account has been created. Please use my contact tab to send me an email and we'll straighten things up by resetting your password.

And if you tell me which thread you replied to, I will see what happened to it and retrieve it.

Innowen, I'm sorry if I'm

Innowen, I'm sorry if I'm being dumb but I can't find a contact tab. Where should I be looking? Many thanks

innowen's contact info, a link


Click here to send me a message. Please include an email where i can respond with the account info.


She is not verified

That is why she cannot "see" the contact tab. I hope your link works. It might not,
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Nope sorry, I just get an

Nope sorry, I just get an access denied message.

My e-mail address is

Thanks again

Okay. I thought at least

Okay. I thought at least everyone got the ability to send emails to people thru the system. boy was i wrong.

emailing you now enola,

Thanks Innowen, all sorted

Thanks Innowen, all sorted now :D

glad i could help. welcome

glad i could help. welcome to membership.