WTB: 3 x 5 leather ring notebook

Anyone able to recommend a place to get a leather loose-leaf, ring notebook in 3 X 5" format? The 3 big name office suppliers only have vinyl in our fair city. I'd like to pay under $30 so Levenger's out. I think a pack of their floor dust is $31.95. :-)

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Photo Albums

I'd check framining, craft and art supply stores for ring-bound photo albums in the size you want.

I couldn't find much on-line, but I'm almost certain I've seen a 3x5 photo ring binder somewheres.


Thanks - Planner cover style

If you imagine a 3 ring binder just like we all used to use in school but in leather, no zipper, and of a size suitable for 3" X 5" paper, that's what I'm after. Gotta look manly too. Florals and pastels won't do for this guy. :-) 'Pocketable', or nearly so is the goal.

That's what I was thinking

It may not have pockets in the flaps, but I'd think you could find something along those lines.

I'm at the art supply store every other day, so I'll take a peek next time I'm in and let you know if I find anything.


Would leatherette do?

I'd be surprised if you get a leather binder for less than $50

However, the most likely things I've seen down here in Australia are photo binders, credit card binders and address binders. So have a look through the different sections at your stationers.

what size rings?

What size rings would you want the binder to have or... how many 3X5 cards would you want it to hold?


Mostly paper contents

My plan is to use printer paper including some of the HPDA templates. So probably the equivalent of 25 index cards, no thicker. I estimate 3/8" rings? I've found the hard vinyl equivalent in two different stores but can't bring myself to do it. Thanks everyone !


I gave up on the unfindable itty-bitty-binder. Found a Franklin Covey Task Wallet (Office Depot) AND discovered to my amazement the new Brother MFC 8460 printer at work prints index cards accurately pile after pile. Woo hoo ! HPDA templates to the rescue. I've always wanted to use those but never found a carry method I really liked. It travels pretty well in suit coat pocket or back pants pocket and carries more cards than the 'Pocket Briefcase' style. We shall see.