Snowy Day @ Levenger

I had the good fortune this afternoon to seek shelter from a snowstorm and found myself at the downtown Chicago Levenger store. I even had the $40 Circa gift card in hand, but spent 3x it's value. Dang...dang...dang...

Couldn't pass up the 11x17 pads markded down to $4.95 nor the clearance priced junior sized zippered Circa jacket. And you get such a nice heavy duty shopping bag to lug your supplies back to your car. It took a beating from the snow and held up quite nicely.

Fortunately I won't be back downtown in the near future, it would make for a very dangerous habit. Too bad there isn't a store out in the 'burbs.

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What Else Did You Get?

I just placed an order for a Sand Majorca Briefbag and a Bomber Jacket pocket pen 3x5 card thingie and used my $40 gift card.

what else did you get with yours??


the Dtwn Chicago Levenger store

Is that the Levenger store in Fields? I was in Chicago a couple years ago, stopped at that store and spent entirely too much money there... with no regrets :)


Yes it was the Levenger

Yes it was the Levenger store in Marshall Fields on State, they do have another store in the Macy's at Water Tower Place, but I have never been there. My work takes me to City Hall every few months, which is only two blocks from State Street, I do try to stop by and drool.

Much easier to buy stuff when I drive down, much harder when I take a train and try to cram everything in a briefcase.

A pack of junior size full

A pack of junior size full grid paper, various and assorted tabs and pockets in both junior and compact sizes. Three packs of the 11x17 oasis pads on sale for $4.95 - wish I had bought more! And the zippered forest green circa jacket.

Hammered by snow and no Levenger...sniff!

Out here in the boonies we have the snowstorm...just not the Levenger store to stay dry in. Boo hoo!

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