May I introduce myself...


Just registered today. Will probably be hanging around every now and then until I get the new system up and going, and after that when I run into problems or ideas or...

I've been using Filofax since I went to university, i.e. many years. Should be buying new covers, actually. I found my way here when I got tired of the availability of Filofax-stuff in Finland nowadays. Anything else than the most basic pages must be ordered - too slow for me. And the other systems don't have the pages I want... So, some googling around and now I am here.

At the moment I am planning my new system. I intend to stick to the old size, and that means doing some templates myself - personal size (95mmx171mm) seems to have less ready ones here. And of course I am doing lists about what I really want to have, now that I can have what I want (except the benefits of A5 at the same time as of personal size...)

Oh, did I already mention I like organizing and learning new stuff? I am sometimes better in doing a system than using it... And learning some new skill than using it...

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Welcome Milja,
I hope you find yourself at home here. It's a great community.

(From the ice-bound NE United States)

Nice to meet you!

You'll find a lot of fun ideas and good people here.

I have wanted to visit Finland for a long time. I took care of babies in a Colombian adoption foundation in the early 90's, and my most favorite baby was adopted by a Finnish couple. They've sent me pictures over the years and called me her "first mom".

Glad to have you around!


Staying warm in the adopted land of Teemu Selanne (c: