Hipster cardcase with lock

This cardcase can be completed without glueing. Just print it and cut it. Scorch the folds. While cutting, don't forget the small horizontal cut int the most left section, and the two tiny cuts on both sides of the lip. This way the lip will function like a barb on a fishinghook, when you fold the cardcase and put the lip in the cut.

Have fun!


Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

Just print, cut and fold...

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D*I*Y Card Case

I printed mine on half a file folder. Nice thick stock and it lasts a while. Love the monkey. Thanks

Locked Hipster

This is a Great Item, an Empowering Item. Made it yesterday on some high gloss photo paper and love it, my brother is jealous. It holds the 3x5s and the shrunken calendar and checkbook register and my library card. Only minor thing is the lock interrupts the downward push of the 3x5s into the pocket a little but you quickly learn to work around it.

Thank you So Much for making my day, this is just what I needed, love it!

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