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Hello everyone!
Well, I found this site a few months ago and was relieved to see that I'm not alone in what friends call my "quirks"! I LOVE paper and pens and books and organization - who couldn't!

So, after a lot of contemplating and trying different systems which just weren't quite right, I finally placed an order with Levenger and received it yesterday! I ordered the letter-sized agenda and a few extras and have been playing around with it all morning. The quality, I must say, is outstanding and I really, really look forward to using this agenda all year.

My only complaint - I wish there were none - is that on the Levenger website under the "Description" for this product, it says: "Includes daily, weekly and monthly planning calendars"
I took this to mean that there would be monthly pages, a 2-page-spread for each week in the year, and DAILY pages for each day in the year! Am I reading this wrong?? Perhaps my agenda is missing a section, but I did not receive any daily pages. Whatever the reason, I'm really disappointed as those daily pages are quite essential for me at work - I end up having quite an intense schedule of interviews, meetings and appointments every day and I like to be able to see them all laid out on a single page within their time slots and still be able to take notes. I thought a letter-sized "daily" page would be great for this.

Nonetheless, I would still recommend this product to other people, but I find that product description really misleading. Has anyone else experienced this?? Maybe I am totally taking that line entirely the wrong way - it's possible, I suppose!

Anyway, I'm off to make a cover for my new agenda. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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The description's wrong

There are no daily pages in the agenda. There is a daily planner on the site. It's the Circa Compact Daily Calendar Refill (Item Number ADS5615). Or you could print daily pages wonderfully available here, and use them instead.

Yes, I think this is what I

Yes, I think this is what I will end up doing. I have been using a few of the templates from this site and loving them. I think they'll be a great addition to my new agenda :)