how to corral business cards???

hello there everyone
Could you tell me what works for you re keeping business cards organized?

What really really works for you besides throwing them all in a box? lol

Are there other methods in addition to a vinyl wallet with business card pages (P-wheew, all that vinyl smells funny, dont you think?)
or in business card file boxes.

Do you have a jillion business cards sort of hiding out in different places, or have you found a way to organize them so you can actually find them?

I would like to organize mine: I have hundreds I think

I have three categories (I didn't always know to write on the back when i rec'd the card, who the person was, what they wanted, or what service they were offering, so catagory #1 is:

1. Lots of business cards that I have NO idea who the person is, where I met them, tho sometimes their card says editor, or printers or book rep or something so i might have a little clue

2. Business cards that also are often from sources I cant use, or people I dont know, but the cards are so beautiful, often with artwork or embossing on them, I keep them

3. Cards from a diverse group of people that I may want to be in touch with;

4. One of the main problems with #3, is how to categorize them so I can find what I am looking for: plumber, book rep, social contact, research, to buy service of some sort, etc, joke cards, and etc

thank you; you all are just some of the smartest.


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Since I only keep cards from

Since I only keep cards from people I may contact again, I can help you with #3. I have a binder with plastic inserts in which I keep those cards, alphabetized. Personally I see no reason to keep contact information on someone I do not remember or who I never plan to contact, so those I recycle. I'm guessing you don't need to classify the cards you like for their looks. Those, I'd keep pele-mele in a box.

Get rid of them


Personally, I would take the key info off the cards and plug it into my address book of choice, then toss the cards.

If there are particularly beautiful cards, make them into a collage and hang them on the wall. You can use photo corners if you don't want to glue the cards down.

The only business cards I have are mine, waiting to be given out to other folks. Once you have the info, you no longer need the card. My address book includes, for example, the tow truck guy, the pest control people, the accountant, the doctors and dentists, the hair salon, etc.

If it's a number you can't use, why would you keep it? If it's for a person you can't remember, why would you keep it? It's just scrap paper at that point, someone else's memories--not even YOUR memories.


collage idea

I love your collage idea for those beautiful cards. Although I always appreciate a beautiful business card, I am too practical to keep it for anything else than tne information printed on it.

My method for all other cards is simple.
If I do not remember the person I throw away the card.
Then there are business and personal cards.
Business are all digitized and can be looked up in many ways.
Personal cards sit in a small bottom buffet drawer... the sixth one over. I should probably put them in a ring binder or address book of some sort but throwing them in a drawer is so much simpler. I do not have to look for a drawer like I might for a small binder.


Maybe this can be an inspiration?

Dear Archangel,

Maybe this solves your problem. I made this, to capture index cards in my A5 binder but maybe you can use it for your businesscards. If you use letter or A4's you probably can use this idea to make two columns.

No plastic or smelly vinyl involved, just beautifull nice paper...

Have Fun,


wonderful pix of 'how to'

dear Erik
those are wonderful logical creative [pictures of 'how to' make the equiv of a die-cut holder for secondary papers.

I wish I had a digital camera to take pix with of some of my strange roller-derby hacks just to give you all a laugh.

I was thinking about yours though, It's clean and elegant. And I was thinking that I have some really oddly shaped business cards... round ones, trapezoids, etc., and you showed how just using an exact knife, swish/ swash, you can make the holders for any shape really, right? and just put your paper bits into the slits. That is very cool.

I so appreciate your idea so I dont have to use vinyl or any other noxious smelling thing

I prefer lily of the valley. Growing in the black ground, all green and wild smelling. I do.

And this could be the template for a collage too, depending on where one placed the slits. Very cool again

and Tournevis and Artbeast, thank you for suggesting that there is a time and place for a box-throw, a little one

and shris, this afternoon (seems long ago, it's 4:36 am here now) after reading your note on this, I thought shris is right. WHY am i keeping some of this stuff. So made up a whole stack of 'forgotten people' business cards and will give them to the local school to do miniatures on the back. So, thank you for reminding me that it is not impolite to not keep a business card to the grave. lol

with kindest regards,