how I learned to corral thousands of post it notes at DIY

Remember that pix of Tina Fey under her desk with the post-its and stuff organized, but everything else like a disaster scene? Me. I dont look like Tina, but thanks to you guys I am getting all my boxes and boxes of post-its under control. People made many sugestions and I took most of them and put them to work

Many post-it notes, prob about 500 so far, are now attached to colored index cards (I had several old pkgs of index cards already), sorted by project, and then put into (by project) those 1 inch plastic index card cases from Staples ($under a dollar ea on sale last week)... Those little boxes come in colors, and I labeled in handwriting on the outside spine.

You guys really helped. At first I circafied-ed some categories on post-its on index cards, but realized they needed sub-sorting again within each category and the rings/disks bigger than 1" would not fit inside the 3x5x1 index card boxes

so I just have a broad wild-colored rubber band or color metal clip (really pretty ones in bright primary colors also Staples, I think 1.89 for 16 of the large ones) holding each specific project categoy together now, then, zoom into the little snap closure index card box they go

I trim down a red bordered label (had some old ones) to fit each index card box spine, write the project name on the label in my weird shaky calligraphy, (about four inches x one inch worth) and the index card boxes each hold the cards relating to a single project.......AND they are now all lined up in a black mesh shelf on my desk looking um, ORGANIZED. wow.

I feel "rich." Do you ever feel 'rich' that way when you finally gather something together that was all ascatter, and look at it all in one place all orderly now, with satisfaction? Like bringing in the crops and all stored safely in the hay mow of the barn. Finally. After a lot of, lot of work

Course, still bills to pay, so not that other kind of rich, but a valuable kind nonetheless. lol


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That sounds like a

simple yet elegant system.

Yes, I do get that 'rich' feeling when I've got something organised. And then I feel smug, or sometimes panicked :) , when being organised helps me find things in the data that I couldn't see before.