Greetings from the UK

Hi there, I just wanted to say hello and thank you.

I'm a notebook, pen & paper freak. I can spend hours browsing in Staples when a 'normal' person would be in the shoe shop or the clothes shop lol

I also feel very vindicated. I bought a Rollabind punch and some disks a couple of years ago, used it for a while, punching all the 6x4 index cards I kept in my snopake wallet in my handbag :D Admittedly I put it in a drawer after a few months but I'm digging it out now. wahay.

I discovered Moleskine in November and I've just spent a fortune on Fisher Space pens. I've spent the past few days tweaking the hipster templates to fit what I need. I'm in Heaven

Thanks for all your help, look forward to chatting about paper more :D


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I'm a certified Levenger junkie! I should be on commission, I send so many people there!

Thanks for the welcome. I

Thanks for the welcome. I think I'd be a Levenger junkie too if we had them here. I've spent a fair while drooling over the goodies on their site.