Levenger coupon 20%

It may be good for only another 2 or 3 days.

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did you receive the coupon? Did you receive it via email or through the mail catalog? I wonder how Levenger determines who gets coupons and who doesn't?

By any means necessary

Erm, I googled for it.

I missed a bunch of discounts last year; I ordered from out of the country but discount notices didn't make it there. I even missed one earlier this year. This time I remembered to check here first, there wasn't one, but I did find one elsewhere.

7N3022 -- has to be $75 or more.

When is it NOT $75 or more?

Many,many thanks

for the discount info. With your info I just purchased a letter-sized foldover notebook in toffee AND a letter-sized circa notebook jacket in scrumptious cranberry (some colors on sale). I still had my $40 gift card left from purchasing the sample pack so the total (with el-cheapo shipping) came to $36USD and some change. WooooHoooo! That's less than a bookcloth cover!

They have arrived!

and they are beautiful! I ordered the evening of Feb 3, they shipped on Feb 4 and it arrived on my doorstep this morning (according to FedEx). Not bad for the cheap post option.

I wonder how Levenger

I wonder how Levenger determines who gets coupons and who doesn't?

Via their Preferred Customer E-List, which you can sign up for, it's on the front page of their website.

Not everyone on their

Not everyone on their preferred Costumer E-list got it, though, because I did not.


I didn't get the coupon, either. (pout)

Me either

That's why I was so excited when Trinity posted the discount code.

Use it/lose it


I bet that if you use one, they skip your name on the list for a mailing or two. That is to say, to limit your coupon use they don't tell you about every single one.



Don,t use two in a row and they don,t send you any for a while. 'Cause that would be my case.

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Don,t use two in a row and

Don,t use two in a row and they don,t send you any for a while. 'Cause that would be my case.

Well, I haven't bought anything from Levenger in a while, and I'm still getting the emails with discount codes.

I think when a customer on their mailing list hasn't made a purchase in a while, it's even more reason to be sending them emails to remind them what great products Levenger offers!

Coupon worked for me a few days ago

But I always kick myself right after placing an order because of the stuff I overlooked! Got in on the great leather Micro PDA deal ($14.95) but forgot to pick up some Jumbo rings and the Double Barrel pen clip. :(

So, here's hoping they come out with a 20% no minimum sometime soon...

Levenger 20% coupon - no minimum!

Your wish has been granted! Use SPCHG1 through March 1.

I haven't actually used it, but I did do a pretend checkout and it worked!

Levenger coupon

Thanks for the tip on the discount!

You're welcome!

You're welcome!

20% off no minimum is still working

FYI - I used just now, 3/7. You guys are a bad influence. I'm on my third order in 2 weeks......

I successfully used this

I successfully used this coupon today!

20% off still works

It is May 8th, and I successfully used the 20% off coupon code (SPCHG1) on my order of $40 and it worked. So keep using it!!!

Still working.... :-)

June 17th and SPCHG1 is still working! I'm a newcomer to the Circa craze... I purchased the letter size leather Circa Jacket, the Circa Desk Punch, the $40.00 Sampler(which comes with a $40.00 gift card to continue feeding the impending addiction) and a set of coloured dividers... I ended up saving just under $42.00 with the coupon code... almost the price of the desk punch!! I have a feeling there's a lot more circa in my future... and I've yet to receive the first batch!

thanks for the tip!

I purchased 4 2008 agendas, letter-sized for the covers and am going to try out those new presentation portfolios (4 for $16USD) to see if I can't make them into project notebooks. Or, if there is enough room to insert a bigger-sized ring, make them into archive notebooks. With the coupon code, I ended up with free shipping.

glad I found this site!

Thanks so much for the SPCHG1 coupon code. I used it today and got a Circa Junior Agenda, Black Leather Foldover & Tabs for $39.96.

I stumbled upon this great site while looking for Circa reviews. I used Franklin Covey years ago at an old job, let the system lapse, and all my notes are now a mess. I hope this Circa system works!

levenger coupon

With every Levenger order I have placed I receive a $15 off with a min $75 purchase on my next order. That is 20% if I get exactly $75 of stuff. But then, the shipping costs eat most of that up so it is like getting free shipping.


Thanks so much for posting

Thanks so much for posting this ... I was able to use it yesterday when I placed my order!


Used Levenger Coupon 7N3022

Hello, Thanks for posting the coupons. I just used coupon #7N3022 ($75.00+ order), and it worked!

Levenger code still works!

Months later, the discount code still works! I saved over $25 on my order today! Thanks once again!

This month's code

I believe this month's code is 813RBSON.

Sorry CathMac -- 813RBSON doesn't work

Tried the 813RBSON and it doesn't work for me. I was successful in using the 15% off coupon, 7N3022 -- Worked just fine as of the 15th of June, 2008! :)

Levenger 20% Off Coupon Code - Great!

I used this coupon today, 6-22-08, and saved $53.11. I bought the Madeira Laptop Bag, which was discounted almost $200, and two Circa Sampling Kits (amongst other items). I received 20% off everything, including the Circa Sampling Kits--which each come with a $40 gift card. Great deal!

Thanks for the discount code!!

Levenger 20% Off Coupon Code 7N3022

Oops! Forgot to mention that I used the 7N3022 discount code (on 6-22-08), which amounted to a 20% discount (which I believe was applicable to a min. $75 purchase).

Based on all of the sale prices of the items I purchased and adding in the $53.11 I saved using the discount code, I saved a grand total of $523.58, spending only a total of $231.56, of which I will get back $80 in gift cards for future use. Now that's a bargain! :)

Just used coupon code SPCHG1

Just used coupon code SPCHG1 for 20% (didn't seem to be a minimum).

It dosent work

SPCHG1 dosen`t work :(

It should

I just used that code yesterday and had no problems.

I used it yesterday as well.

Worked for me - no minimum.

today too

I used it today too without any problems.

It does

Just used it today.

if the coupon does not work....

If the coupon has expired you can call in your order, give them expired coupon code, they will tell you it does not work and then ask if they have one you can use. The phone operator will get one from their manager. It worked for me anyway.


Thank you for this coupon

Thank you for this coupon code! Worked for me on a $54 order pn 7-24-08.

Worked today 8/1/08 on a $65

Worked today 8/1/08 on a $65 order wooohooo


...still worked as of today, 9/8/08, for 20% off a purchase of $62. Yay!!

levenger coupon

The code that i got from this site: SPCHG1 worked today 10/5 for 20% off. Thanks for 16.00 saved. thea

Yup, still works

I logged a 20% discount on a purchase last night.

It Still Works

I ordered some stuff two days ago and the code is still working. I don't think that Levenger loses any money by giving a 20% discount. I expect that they make more money off of us because we thing we're "saving" so much and order more. At least that's how it works for me. :-^)

Latest 20% Discount Code - But Watch for Limitations...

The latest discount code for 20% off at Levengers is EASY2008, good through December 15, 2008 on orders of $75 or more.

Take note of the following limitation, though:

"Cannot be combined with any other offer and excludes gift cards."

Sounds reasonable enough but they even disallow their regular Quantity discount. E.g., their Levenger Annotation 1/4" Ruled Notepads, the letter-sized pads with the Cornell annotation column styling, normally has a price of $20 per pack of three, with a reduced price of $17 per pack of three if you purchase two or more packs at the same time. They show as $17 in your shopping cart until you enter the 20% discount code. Then the price jumps back to $20 per pack.

IOW they count the quantity discount as if it were a sale price or a promotional price, when actually this is their regular, year-round policy for all their paper pads.

Not a major thing, but in my case it automatically reduces the 20% discount to a 5% discount, as I only order the paper products and all have a quantity discounted price normally.

Kinda takes all the starch out of the big 20% deal for me.


GIVE258; 25% off

I just got a new discount code via email for 25% off: GIVE258. Unfortunately, I have a hard time viewing their site with my iMac. So I can't see what restrictions there are. I'm assuming the usual $75.00 minimum but there may be other restrictions as well.

Can anyone tell me if this discount would be good for in store purchases?

And if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix my iMac view of Levenger's site I'd appreciate it. The text is jumbled, some of the lines overlap, and the search feature is encroached by text. The only think I can think is that the tech wizzes at the Apple store instructed me on on how to increase the font size for readability. Could that be messing up how I see some sites? If so, is there an easy way to change the font size as necessary. I can't leave it small since as I recall it was impossible to read. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I'd appreciate it.


No minimum - and still working

25% off: "GIVE258"
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Is this only good online?

Can you tell if this coupon is good for in store purchases?

I just placed a phone order and asked...

...and was told it should work in the retail store.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Retail store

I was told that any code you get in an email, or in a mailer even if it is the one they stick in the box when you place an order, will work in the store. There are certain codes they wont take such as the infamous "SPCHG1" because it is all over the internet. I tried to use that one of the few times I was in the store and they said they could not take it because they had "restrictions" on which ones they can use. But they just used another one for me and everything was fine. Wish I had a store near me, I would be there all the time....ok maybe its better they are not close.

Here's a page full of

Here's a page full of Levenger discount codes, with descriptions of what they're for and what percentage success with each.


And comments from users, too!

used the 20% coupon today

SPCHG1 - I used this coupon code mere moments ago (1/3/9) and it still worked, so thank you so much for posting it!!!
Happy New Year

Still Works!

Used it today, 2/21/09. Covers the shipping cost, basically.

But, the 30% TAKE30 code no longer works. :-(

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein

used 20% today - stil

I used this one today, 3/16/09, and it worked. Thanks for posting it - I don't like to place an order unless I can find a discount.

used 20% today

Still works. Thanks for posting!

SPCHG1 still works 3/28/09

Just used the SPCHG1 code and got my 20% off. Thanks!

Warning - another 20% coupon code

Levenger is having a sale, and on top of that they've just issued a 20% off coupon (SAVE609). God grant me the strength not to spend too much $$$!


I have been looking and waiting for this, I check here faithfully....

Is it working now? Not for me, not yet.

worked for me...

forgot to mention - $100 minimum purchase.

Ah yes

I came back to mention that--I finally saw it on the email they sent.

Levenger Coupon expires 07-12-09

This is my first time posting here. Just had to let you know that I just received a coupon in with my most recent Levenger order (I purchased a pen for a gift). The coupon is for 20% off with a $75.00 purchase. It expires on 07-12-09, one day before the last day of the Levenger sale.

Also, I am very new to Ebay but I have been able to get some great deals at the Levenger outlet there. You pay for the highest per item shipping cost and then it's $2.00 per item after that. Keep in mind that you can "run up your bill" for 7 days and then ask them to "combine" all items into one order to save the shipping costs. You might feel that the shipping is high combined with the Levenger.com site but you need to take into consideration the discounted prices you will pay. I have looked at the Ebay items with the Leveger.com site in another window to make sure Ebay was the best deal. Sometimes it may not be the best deal.

I have been having a great time with the Circa items and plan on making and then giving my "home-made" circa PDAs and binders.

I plan on writing another post here on what I have learned about Circa/Rollabind in the past 3 months since I have found out about these products and this web-site. This site is terrific!