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Bound, yet productive


Does anybody else find that a little, uh... kinky?

Or is it my office supply fetish at work again?


no, no, no.

if I meant for it to be kinky I would have said "Leather bound..." :)

I just saved

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to PAPER!

hmm. too long, and non-US people probably won't get the reference.

Car insurance

No, I don't. You're going to have to explain now! ;-)

Neal |


There are a bunch of commercials on TV here that open as bad news, getting worse, then the tagline:

"But I do have some good news: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO!"

The company doing the commercials is, which used to stand for Government Employees Insurance COmpany. Googling for 'geico commercials' will get you up to speed on these loved/hated commercials.

I see. Over hear, there's a

I see. Over hear, there's a lot of pressure to switch from paper to online bills (an idea which personally I don't like), so I thought maybe it was something similar to that. Thanks for the explanation.


Neoproductivity from post-digital paper fanatics

Perhaps a bit cerebral :)

Ah, the slogan for the day...

Good work, Chris. We'll need another one tomorrow, though. ;-)


not bad... a bit snoooty...

not bad... a bit snoooty... but yeah, i agree. we'll need to rotate slogans out at least once, if not twice a day.


(dupe post notice)

hmm... anyone else using Firefox notice some oddities on posting comments and a delay on seeing them? accidently posted a dupe entry because of this weirdness.


dupe entries?

Nope, can't say that I've noticed anything strange. Perhaps it's a caching thing?

all my best,

Daily Slogans?

What do you people think of daily slogans? It could be an excuse for a bit of fun....

all my best,

rotate away...

i think it'd be great. i've enjoyed seeing the slogan rotate between interesting to thought provoking to downright silly. :-)

it'd keep them coming back in any case.



"If you have the chips, we have the diyps."

ugh. I apologize.


...where the love for PDAs is paper thin...




(translates to "Paper is more readable")

perhaps a little long... but that's the point :)

Another obscure technical one :)

There are 10 kinds of people... those who don't understand binary and those who know when to ditch it.

Of those stated so far, this

Of those stated so far, this is my favorite, though non-programmers and mathmeticians may find it obscure or nonsensical


Very apt. I think I shall have to write this one into my Moleskine for those moments when someone says "why don't you use a PDA?".

Tagline idea

Because paper doesn't crash.

-- flexiblefine


oooooh, me likes.

I second this!

good one! But you might stick with the current one for a while. (-:


Writer = Slogan?

What do you folks think about forcing... er, allowing the writer of the article for the day to select the new slogan (of 3 - 6 words)? Or is that too much pressure? Or will that just get ridiculous?

Or maybe have just one new slogan per week?

Ideas, comments, disagreements, heaps o' praise, anyone?



From a marketing point of view, you'd want one slogan and keep bashing it over folk's head.

However, folks like and Wired, have a slogan (maybe consider it a secondary one) that changes. Keeps things fresh.

IANAMD (I Am Not A Marketing Droid)


Palm this!

Paper, 1900 years worth of tweaks.

'cause life's not digital.

Ha! Great slogans!

I especially love the last one....

all my best,
a million monkeys typing :

slogan du jour

"All the plans that fit the print" - a takeoff on both the NY Times "All the news that's fit to print" and Walt Kelly's Pogo "All the news the print to fit."
Steve G.

Random Ideas.

Paper not plastic
Take it to the tub
O/S Free
Pen, Paper, Scissors
No batteries, no crashes, no worries
Designed by you; for you
Productivity at write speed.
Next stop, stone tablets.


And more...

Advertising parodies:
- Papers are forever (Diamonds...)
- Anytime, anyplace, anywhere (long-running tagline for Martini-branded vermouth, in the UK)

Film references:
- Paper is a girl's best friend (Diamonds ... [again])
- Gentlemen prefer paper (... blondes)

Some others:
- Infinite storage, infinite battery life, infinite possibility
- Portable Durable Analogue
- Unbound
- Because your brain is the best sync'ing software there is


index cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.49
templates from D*I*Y Planner . . . . free
your planner never crashing


paper power

A few slogans that came to me -

DIYP - powered by creativity not batteries

Treasuring thoughts more than gadgets

Let your brain do the thinking

Stretch your mind not your budget

Love it!

Also love the commercials.



Because I can't read the microscopic screen!

Because I'm too old to learn to write another language..

Your Unique Life on Paper

Because paper and ink are real..

Leave Your Ink!


Look, Ma, No Cords!

A Planning Tradition Since 5000 BC.

I write, therefore I am.

Plan in the Real World.

Real World Plans, Real World Planner.

Who's gonna steal it?

Because Pens Outnumber PDAs.

Because Life Doesn't Run on Batteries..

Paper is better for magnetic personalities..



DIY...because it isn't polite to tap. (in reference to that incessant tapping on a PDA screen)

If I may . . .

- Because nature wanted it that way. (After all, PDAs don't come from trees.)

- Paper: The original text message.

- Where those who remember their history are bound to repeat it.

- dash dot dot, dot dot, dash dot dash dash (DIY in Morse code. Did I get that right? Sorry. Couldn't help it.)

Will add more as they come to me.

As promised

Since commercial slogans have been so popular, I'd like to add the following:

- So easy even a caveman can do it
- DIY Planner. Where amazing happens (NBA slogan)
- Duh duh duh duh duh . . . I'm loving it! (McDonald's)

Also, my husband suggests the following:

- New from Apple: iPaper
- Time well printed
- I love it when a planner comes together (A Team)

A Team

"I love it when a planner comes together" is my favorite! :)

I think therefore I D.I.Y

The Art of Planning on Paper

Gone with Electronic Planning

G.I. Joe

Adding another one from a very popular kids show in my days:

"Knowing is half the battle." (Not the entire quote)

We could say, "Planning is half the battle."

Dive into chaos to see cosmos

From PoIC by Hawk Sugano