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I dreamed of finding a resource like this ever since I got my free Circa junior notebook. I started making my own templates, based on the freebie stuff I'd gotten with the Circa. Then my sister bought me a Levenger desk punch and told me about this website. I haven't had any time to actually do any work, because I'm so busy downloading and creating more templates, but when I do, I'll be pret-ty organized.

Thanks to everyone who's been sharing the labors of their work. When I've figured out how, I'd like to humbly upload mine for anyone who may find them useful.


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Hi Sophie! I'm new too..

Hi Sophie!

I'm new too.. joined just a few minutes ago. A digital refugee. I still keep things on my notebook pc; but after I lost a lot of important information I decided it was back to paper for me; but in a limited and very organized way. Paper, but not a ton of paper! Spending my day this Monday looking for planners and recordkeepers... I never knew how beautiful some could be.

Wishing you good luck!
Mary :-)


Hi Mary--

I know what you mean about "a limited and very organized way." I keep purging unnecessaries from my planner, and now I think I'm down to less than 40 pages. I liked Steve's advice to carry only what you'll use in a week.

Good luck to you, too, in finding the perfect planner. To me, the shopping and deciding is at least as much fun as the having and using.