Where's the origami card case ?

Hi Gang, Somewhere I saw a DIY index card case. Might have been here, maybe elsewhere. Wasn't the jotter style case but more of a small box appearance, fully enclosing a card stack. Back of it looked like a tucked-in letter envelope. Was dark in color. Anyone able to point me to that ? Thanks !

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Envelope style


That's not the origami case. It's the 'envelope-style case'. :)

Index card size:

Business Card size:


That's it !

That's the one - Thanks ! I got a hard plastic case by Mead at Office Depot for my spares but I don't know why they made the fit so tight on the long sides of the 3 X 5's. Great project and thanks for the pointer.

Little hack

And here's a little hack for this that you might find useful.