What do you carry your planners and other gear in?

As I search for the "perfect bag" that will accomodate all of my journal/planner/sketch gear, I started to wonder what other people use to carry their belongings.

Maybe we could have a forum for bags too?

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I just got a great bag

I just got a great bag yesterday from REI that I'm all excited about. It's a mini-messenger style bag (if you go to rei.com and search for "chock shoulder bag" it comes right up - I don't know the secret to posting links here without my post being flagged as spam.)

What I like about it:

-It's a good size for carrying around small essentials and my cPDA fits perfectly in one of the pockets, and the pockets allow me to keep everything organized. It will easily fit a large or small moleskine with room to spare. I've started using it instead of a purse.

-Great material quality and construction, and the website says it's eco-friendly to boot!


-It's not big enough for moving around letter-sized documents, but I didn't buy it for that. I will probably get a full-sized messenger bag later on, because I'm about due for a new one.

I also ordered a Crumpler "Maurice" bag which arrived today. I haven't had much time to look at it, but it seems very solidly built like the REI bag. I really like the style of the Crumpler bags in particular, but I hate their lack of gear pockets. I'm hoping to figure out some way around that. I might eventually make some kind of diy gear folder that I can slip in and out of bags w/o adequate gear pockets of their own.

I'd be all about a forum on bags. I love them - and my recent search for a good messenger bag makes me feel like I could contribute to the conversation. :)

I went to REI this weekend

I went to REI this weekend hoping to find something. I'm thinking I need something a little bigger than what you have, although not too big.

A few years back I purchased a HOBO International leather bag that is perfect in every respect except it is a little too small for my needs.

The bag I am looking for will be my "weekend" bag (utilitarian), during the week I try to exhibit something resembling fashion sense because of the industry I work in.

Of course now I'm wondering if I should have taken advantage of the Timbuk2 bags that were on sale on the web this weekend, or if I was right to hold out for a leather.

Decisions decisions!!

Has HOBO stopped making less expensive bags?

I got a HOBO for my daughter and one for myself, but after going to their website it appears they've stopped making anything except the expensive leather bags. I'm very disappointed, because the bags I got have multiple compartments and lots of pockets, plus they're made of microfiber, not leather. Having started living mostly on a vegetarian food plan, I want to avoid leather wherever possible. Anyway, I'm glad to hear of Alceria's Chock bag from REI. Gotta check that out. Recycled material is nice.

A bit over a year ago...

We had this "Bag Ho" thread.

Here we go again, folks.
Enjoy the ride.
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Woo hoo! Thanks!!

Woo hoo! Thanks!!

The Perfect Tote

I found the most awesome bag yesterday half off at J.C Penney's. It's an East 5th black croc patterned tote with gorgeous silver buckles. It's square enough that I don't feel like I'm carrying luggage, yet it's big enough to hold my new Junior Size Forest Green Zip Folio with Classic sized circa planner, my wallet, make-up bag, all my medicines, etc. I used to carry in my purse, AND my lunch. All in one bag!! Ta-da! I feel like I've been set free (they used to call me the bag lady at work).

I also found a similar

I also found a similar "work" bag at JCP; it's red patent leather. Mine allowed me to consolidate my 8-5 necessities that used to require an additional bag-or 2!

I don't have a pretty bag....

When going back and forth to the office, I have a great big 'rolling' laptop briefcase from US Luggage. It's plain and black, but it will hold my laptop and all my organizational supplies. For projects at work, I have a letter-size leather Circa cover from Levenger (yes, another Circa junkie here!). For notes, to do lists, and to carry to meetings, a simple plastic-covered Junior Circa Notebook. With plenty of room for any papers I have to take with me, an mp3 player to block out the sounds of meetings in adjoining cubes, and on and on... It's all on wheels because I can no longer carry all of this stuff.

Around the office, I tend to just carry the Junior Circa and a pen to meetings.

Away from the office, and away from work - a small black leather shoulder bag, just big enough for my wallet, glasses, PDA (still a little digital) and a compact Circa Notebook or a batch of 3x5 cards.

A nice compact bag

I like to keep things compact. So my planners handle up to 5x7-inch paper at the largest. I was thrilled to find a perfect carrying bag at the town dump last year. It's a 6x9x2.5 zipper case that was designed to carry an older Motorola cell phone. Plenty of room for all kinds of organizers and toys inside (plus two whole issues of "Make" magazine)...and the spine has a carrying handle too! So I'd also keep your eyes open for something like that.

circa modular system from renaissance art

i've been thinking of buying the mod system for a couple of months already and i think i will get t in the middle / end of this month. i am contemplating the letter size. i like it coz i can carry my diary with me, along with my tiger. i dun really have a decent planner like most of u (i use those datebooks that have to be replaced every year) and i certainly dun have a circa, thx to the high shipping cost. but at least the mod system can hold pens and other things i need for journaling. :)

Back relief

I started pitying my back and shoulders last year and bought a small back-bag. It's of good quality and made of leather - it was a bit expensive, but I expect it to last for years, too. I was careful to choose one that is stylish enough, and this was the tricky part. Most models are either sports style or for kids.

It really was a relief to my back, as I often carry along a water bottle, lunch box, umbrella etc. in addition to my organizer, phone and such. When shopping, I can put some of the stuff there instead of a plastic bag. (of course, if there's already a big lunch box nothing more will fit in, but I have some nice ones from Tupperware that can be squeezed when empty...)

- customizing Filofax Personal -

love my new bag

I bought a Haiku bag ("Haiku To Go Shoulder Bag") to travel to Italy this May, and haven't parted with it since. I wear it messenger-style, and it's big enough for everything, even day-long travel excursions, but not too big. It has so many pockets, that I just found another new pocket the other day after months of carrying it! I love it and will likely buy another one just like it soon (and my attention span for bags is usually very short). The fabric is super durable and it comes in really cool colors and prints. It's one of the few bags I've owned that keeps me truly organized and sorted (and I've tried many), and it also looks sort of hip.

tom bihn bags

Tom Bihn makes some great bags - tombihn.com. The cafe bag series is great for an everyday bag. Expensive, but totally worth it.