Weekly Receipts Envelope (#10)

This template prints onto a 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" envelope (aka #10 size or "business" envelope). Top line allows entering of month/year/week.

6 x 35 table with columns for date, details, bank, debit or credit card, amount, and expense type.

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Ideal for heavy plastic users who generate piles of receipts and dream about reconciling their bank statements and tracking their expenses.

Test print onto a piece of paper. You may need to set print setup to "landscape" for your envelope. Feed them in one at a time to avoid off-center printing. Text and margins reconfigurable with OpenOffice Writer.

I divide each month into 4-5 weeks and print one envelope per week.

For week 1, I put 2/1 in the top row and 2/7 in the bottom row. Then for week 2, 2/8 in the top row and 2/15 in the bottom row, and so on.

I put a "D" if a debit card, "C" if a credit card, "$" if I used cash.

For cash back during POS transactions, I use two lines for my entry, with the second line saying "W/D" in the "Details" column and "$" in the "Type" column.

For gas purchases, I enter in the Details column the vendor, price/gal and # gals.

If I need a receipt for tax, warranty or reimbursement purposes I put a "T" "W" or "R" on the left edge of a given row. I use different colored highlighers and zigzag over the corresponding receipts. You can try colored stickers.

You can always print on both sides for 70 rows if you love to itemize expense categories.

I designed this template with an emphasis on creating an envelope you could carry with you to collect receipts.

I use personal finance software so I do not worry if I have a receipt covering multiple types of expenses, I just write "MIXED." I categorize when reconciling paper to digital. If you use paper I suggest you write "SNEAKERS" instead of "CLOTHING" at this stage. I find it's easier for me to classify from specifics than to have to remember specifics from a category.

The #10 envelope is big enough to hold the stupidly long receipts you get if you fold them in half.

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OpenOffice Writer, Adobe Acrobat Reader
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love these envelopes!

Just wanted to let you know I've been using your envelopes since Feb, and I LOVE them. I made my resolution this year to learn to Quicken (or something similar) and have been trying about 2 dozen different financial apps (stuck with Quicken. sigh) but no matter what happens, if I need to re-enter everything or just need to return something, I can find it easily with your envelope.

I don't generate as many receipts as some, but I do mark Bank with a shortened acct number or the name of my credit card. I love the category at the end - makes it really easy to enter into Quicken.

I would love an additional checkbox for "Entered" - right now I just put a red dot next to each line to mark when I've entered the receipt into Quicken. What I love most about these envelopes is that I can dump my receipts into them daily, and when I get around to entering them into Quicken all I have to do is grab the latest envelope!

Thanks a ton!

Used your work

Hi, thanks for the template! I used your hard work and changed it just a bit and made a great check register! I also made an envelope to keep track of my diy shopping..oh my! Thanks for your time and effort! :)

I heart your envelopes!!!!

Hi Blowncue!

I wanted to let you know that your envelope template has been the single most useful DIY template that I have used so far. Last year (2008) in February I downloaded your template and printed 20 envelopes. I use them to track all of my receipts before I enter them into Quicken. When I went to get my taxes done my agent was FLABBERGASTED by how organized my receipts were! While flattering, the real reason I listed my receipts in your envelopes first was because I was trying several different financial tracking applications and needed something I could refer back to if (and when) I screwed up and needed to start over.

Your envelopes are so easy and convienent to use that I have printed out a new set of 25 for 2009, and can't imagine using anything else.

Thanks again for a GREAT idea!
~ Ninjahippies


This is such a great template, thanks so much for sharing it. I actually reuse letter-sized envelopes for these. All I do is print out the templates on plain white paper (or the reverse side of used paper), trim them down to size, and then use spray adhesive to adhere them to the front of the used envelope (I scrapbook so I have spray adhesive around). Works like a charm :)

re weekly receipts Envelope

just wanted to add my thanks