New Idea for Analog Organizers

Wanted to share my organizer idea... Sticky Note Organizer. I've been doing this for a while at work and had thought about putting together an instructional page about it. Well, I finally did! Let me know what you guys think about it. It works really well for me.

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I really like this idea - I am so glad you shared it here! How SIMPLE (this is a good thing in my book)! My goal this year is to simplify. Mainly because I find myself spending more time "making" my planner than actually using it. Then when I use it, I confuse myself because I have set up 5 million steps instead of having a system like yours!

Thanks again for the great idea!
nay nay



I like the simplicity of the system. You could easily hybridize the idea using your own pre-made forms and repositionable adhesives..

I've got, for example, a roll of temporary double-sided tape from the scrapbooking section of the craft store, and a bunch of 3x5 cards I'd preprinted with things I like to see.

I think they also make post-it style glue you can apply to your own papers. Might find that at the craft store too.

While it would add complexity to an otherwise simple system, it would give you the ability to structure your inputs in a way that a brick of pre-made stickies lacks.

And then there's the whole idea of pockets instead of adhesives.. Page Protector Planner
But only a really really desperately geeky planner type would actually make one of those.. :)

Yours is cheaper to try out for a while. :)


clever and simple

I like it! What a great idea.

Mindmapping would be easy with this system - just move the stickies to a large sheet of paper and start brainstorming.

Along with the idea of the

Along with the idea of the mindmap, you could even do a sort of Sticky Wiki in your planner. That's kinda what I envision the A-Z section to be for. It's like an encyclopedia of your life.

Stickies on stickies

And related to the mind-map idea, Staples has 4x6 lined "sticky pads." Its sheets can be used to carry and move related groups of smaller stickies!

Done that

I have used the little 1 by 2 inch notes on a letter size piece of paper
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Isn't this just...

what you're meant to do with Post Its?

No surprise then Ygor that you've done it before. Sorry to be kind of unsupportive on this one but I cant imagine anyone who hasn't used post its this way.

I'm sure I was hearing that we were being encouraged to use fewer post its because they were wasting the world's resources - paper, glue colouring etc.... Obviously a larger threat than gas guzzling vehicles that give you 5mpg and over packaging food, putting water into bottles etc....

Tried it

I tried a modification of this for a couple of months. Used a Moleskine Cahier notebook and 3"x5" Post-Its on its pages. Nearly had the book full. It bulged some but got no thicker than a regular Moleskine. Ended up changing to index cards held with one ring and left the stickies for other uses.

On-the-go idea generator

I can see this in combo with Straker's Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It(tm) Notes being a great on-the-go idea generator. It would be great to work through a problem while sitting in a waiting room or even standing in a long line. Thanks for the idea!