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Hi all,

Since about a year I use my personal-size filofax, and I think I like it. It gives me room for notes as well as diary items. But last October, I was not tempted to buy a paperblanks diary as well (the maxi size, in french ornate bleu). It is for 2008, and I have not yet used it, but I want to.
So I guess my question is, does anyone have a good idea what to use it for? Right now it is going to waste and I don't like that because I love paperblanks stuff so much. So I am tempted to put my filo in a drawer and just start using the diary with a blank notebook for notes and to-do's. What would you do? Any points I might want to consider before deciding?

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You could

consider using it for a perpetual journal - and write interesting things you find, read, run across, or have happen on the appropriate day and continue each year after, and ignore the fact that it has a year printed on it.

I had that one


I had that diary last year. I used it as a diary of my children's activities each day, to show the grandparents later.

I debated picking up another one this year, but I pooped out on the diary writing in September and in reading, the stuff I wrote wasn't that interesting.


Log Book?

I have a weekly planner I'm using as a log book as opposed to a planner. I track my writing, health, and other productivity accomplishments there. I tend to toss (i.e. recycle) my planning pages each week, so it is nice to have a perment log showing, not what I planned to do, but what I actually got done.

what about...

do you have a special project or hobby you like to track? eg. losing weight, writing your thoughts for the day, detailing craft projects, learning a new skill, reviews of what you've read that day, etc. You could use it for that.

You could use it as
a blessings journal
a 'friends and family only' journal and record the things you've shared with your family & friends.
an appointment and phone message book by the phone.

Or only use your filofax for notes, addresses, etc for this year. And use the diary for your appointments etc.


Thank you for your ideas and help. I am still thinking about it, but I am leaning in the direction of using it as a planner, like it was intended to be used. Any other ideas still welcome.