Bookcloth notebook colors?

I think I'm about to break down and buy a Levenger junior bookcloth notebook. I've been using the plastic covers, which have been great, but I'm finding I need pockets, especially to hold letter-size pages folded in half.

The question is color. I've found that the Levenger website and often the catalogs reproduce colors terribly, and I want to be sure of what I'm getting before I spend all that money on shipping. As an example, if you go to the website, and click on "more photos," you can see that the PDA blue looks completely different from the compact blue.

I'm leaning toward the plum, which looks like a nice medium shade of purple, not too bright. I like the blue, but it looks very bright, and I don't want very bright. The red also looks bright. I don't think I like the lime, and of course there's always black. I know it's hard to describe in words, but can anyone who has seen these notebooks in person possibly give me a sense of what kinds of shades these colors are? I have an eggplant leather notebook if that'll help in a comparison with the plum. Or, perhaps, can someone direct me to a photo of the notebooks where the color's reliable (ignoring differences between monitors, of course)?

Many thanks!

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I have the plum one, junior-size. It's quite dark, on the reddish side of purple but not so red that it's pinkish. It's definitely darker and redder than the ones shown on the Levenger site. I like it, though. Wish it were slightly bluer, but it's nice anyway.

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bookcloth notebooks

Thanks so much for the info. I'm a little surprised to hear your description, because when I called Lev. customer service, the rep said the plum pretty much matched the photo of the letter-sized notebook. (In case anyone's interested, she said the blue also looks most like the letter-sized pic, not as bright as it appears in other pix, and the lime is about what it looks like, but she hasn't seen the red.)

It turns out I won't be getting the notebook anyway. Seems that 8 1/2" pages won't fit in the pocket of the junior notebook, and the pocket's too tight to hold more than a couple of sheets anyway.

I took a look at their pocket dividers, but they're $10, and I decided there must be a way to create a pocket on my own without spending $10, let alone $48 for a new notebook. And I was right! With just a little experimenting, I made a great-looking pocket that exactly fits my needs. And cost nothing. I'm thrilled! I'd be happy to share what I did if anyone's interested. It's really quite simple.

Yes, please!

I'd really like to see how to make one that:
a) doesn't come apart immediately (mine do)
b) fits circa

Thank you!
Mary Ann

Heh, I love how they are

Heh, I love how they are giving color advice based on the screen, because her screen could look very different from yours.

colors and pockets

Yup, I thought of that, too. The reason I listened to her was that the way she described the different photos (e.g., the blue in the logo shot is much brighter than the blue in the letter size, which is close to the real thing) it seemed that the colors were showing up at least similarly on both our screens.

Btrgrnmal -- the best way to explain what I did will probably have to include pictures, and unfortunately my camera's broken. But, I think there's one I can borrow, so I'll post instructions as soon as I can.

Oh -- can anyone tell me how to post photos . . . ?

Grass Green

I have the lime color, and it's definitely not the bright green I think of when I hear the term "lime green".

It's kind of a grass green color. It's bright, but not blindingly so.

Not that you were really interested in the green in the first place, but thought I'd share for anyone who's interested.


Pocket instructions and bookcloth colors

Pocket instructions posted under new topic: "Custom circa pocket -- instructions."

Re colors: The latest Levenger catalog arrived today -- with the bookcloth notebooks on the cover -- and based on everything people have said above, the catalog pix look pretty accurate this time.