Better than a True Writer Highlighter - combo Pen/Clutch pencil from Franklin-Christoph

Hey all -

Thought I'd share this little find with you. I'm a small (4" or smaller) ballpoint pen fanatic and I stumbled across this nifty little pen that acts much like a True Writer Highlighter in that you can use 5.6mm graphite or color leads, but has the added bonus of an adapter that lets you use an international mini ballpoint refill also.

The Piper C5 info can be found here:

Linkage to pic

Here's a brief explanation of how a clutch pencil (also known as a lead holder) works from le Wiki:

Clutch pencils (or leadholders) use a thicker solid piece of lead (typically 2mm to 4 mm) and work by pressing down the eraser cap to allow the "claws" at the end to open, which in turn allows the lead to freely drop through the barrel. They can typically only hold one whole piece of lead at a time.

Basically, the way the Piper C5 works is that the top (clickie) part of the pen advances the pen insert when you hold the tip of the pen down. The clutch mechanism then grips the pen insert and you can write. There is no "play" to the cartridge - it's firmly held and easy to write with. Then, when you want to retract the pen, you just turn the pen tip side up and click the button and the pen insert retracts.

The clickie button, which you unscrew to insert the lead or remove the pen adapter, contains a built-in sharpener for the leads. I've ordered some leads, and will post how the pen works with those when they get here in a couple of days. Right now, I'm just having fun playing with the pen and giddy about being able to find a two-in-one writer that's pocketable and multifunctional.

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I am using a similar type of

I am using a similar type of clutch pencil which uses a thicker piece of lead (much like a regular pencil's lead), but instead of using a clutch mechanism to advance the lead, uses the same spring mechanism found in mechanical pencils. I like the thicker lead which doesn't break as easily as regular mechanical pencil leads.

Here's a picture:
Alternative Mechanical Pencil

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This photo is private.
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It has a plastic barrel and looks cheap but does the job. The sticker on the barrel describes it as a Wood-Free AutoPencil.