Revamped Rollabind site?

For giggles I went to the Rollabind site this evening (www dot rollabind dot com) and see that it has been totally re-done. I forgot how reasonable their prices are. Has anyone ordered from them recently? Were you pleased with the service? Any shipping issues? Sorry if I've missed someone's recent post on this topic.

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It has been redone. And I

It has been redone. And I must say rather nice. I am really tempted by the buy a desk punch get a portable punch free.

Darn it, now where is my credit card....

No recent orders, but....

...their shipping hasn't changed (still rather expensive for the quality of the items). I went to first to try out the binding ring system, and I liked the whole Rollabind system idea, but I didn't think much of the quality of their paper (flimsy) and covers (also flimsy), so off to Levenger I went.

I looked at

I looked at over the weekend. The revamped site looks pretty good.
Just wish there were pics of each specific item.

I am a notebook junkie.

lots of new stuff?

Looks like Rollabind has made some new items too. Like the index card holder, cd holder and photo holder? Their descriptions though make it hard to picture the item and as stated previously, they do not have individual pictures... There is also a new "pocket" size leather planner, but does not give dimensions... Is it a flip book (pda) in 3X5 or is it something else?? I have always loved their pricing though!!

More detail

coming in about a week. I contacted them through their web site and had a message in my voice mail within an hour. Their rep, Jack, said that they hoped to have new photos up within a week and that if there is any specific information that was needed to give them a call directly.

insert comb?

Has anybody ever purchased one of their kits that has the page insert comb thingy? I go back and forth between thinking this would be really useful, and thinking it must just be silly.

Anybody actually seen or used it?


insert comb...

i don't understand what you mean by insert comb? I guess that probably means I have never seen it or used it, but I would still be interested in knowing what it is...

nay nay :)

Google is your friend !!


even if Wilde-Ideas is not :)
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I'd have to disagree

Okay, so yes, the site has been "revamped" - but as for it being an improvement...if they wanted to make it really rock, they should have posted pictures of each item. I found it very frustrating to look at an item, the notebooks, for example, and have them all show up as the same generic picture. And the accessories - try to see what their pocket dividers look like, and you see a photo of five different products, with no description to let you know which one is which. And their descriptions aren't a whole lot better, either.
Maybe it's a work in progress. I hope so, 'cause if not, their web designer took them to the cleaners.
Just my two cents :-)