Levenger 20% coupon -- no minimum!!

I posted this under "Levenger coupon 20%," but I think it may have gotten buried under more recent posts. So:

Use SPCHG1 online through March 1.
20% off, no minimum.


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Thanks notebklover, this is a great deal. I've been waiting for one of these to drop from the sky - woo!

OOhh! Thanks!

Thanks for posting this. I'd been hoping this would drop out of the sky also!!

I am a notebook junkie.

Thank you, thank you

I just used a coupon to see what some items were like. Hurray for that, but now I knew that some of the stuff on sale was exactamundo what I need for 2 projects (well, close enough, anyway). But now I had no coupon.

Muchos gracias.

Glad I could help! Found it

Glad I could help! Found it by googling, by the way.

the 20% worked!!! Thank you. You just saved me $74!!!!!

the 20% worked!!! Thank you. You just saved me $74!!!!!

You're very welcome

(Did I mention my commission . . . ?)

I'm scared to ask how much

I'm scared to ask how much you ordered if 20% was $74! I thought I had it bad.

You people are putting me

You people are putting me deeper into debt. Still, how can I resist 20% off? :)

I ordered my PDA circa today.

Wow it is a fantastic deal. I bought the $40 kit first. Then I went bold to purchase the Punch( which is heavy and well constructed) with the $40 gift card from the kit. This is an amazing deal especially for student. Thank you very much!
- Drake

Same here! Thank you so

Same here! Thank you so much!

I've gone crazy ordering from Levengers this month!

My husband and I have both gone crazy for the Circa notebooks. I've placed six orders this month since the 13th using the 20% off coupon I found here. I've ordered Circa notebooks and accessories. I also got a fabulous leather desktop organizer that I'm going to save as a Christmas gift on clearance for $32 final price - more than $100 off. None of the orders have been for huge amounts of money, but I keep thinking of something else I want or he does, so I order again. I bet the folks at Levengers are glad that coupon is expiring soon!

My husband and I are outfitted with fabulous new supplies and I'm going to look like a hero giving my friend a wonderful Levenger leather desktop accessory for Christmas - all thanks to Levengers and notebklover! Thanks!

What fun we're having! But

What fun we're having! But it you keep placing little orders, aren't you getting slammed with shipping each time?

Yes, it was silly to do it in little orders...

But each time I placed one, I swore it would be the last order and we only needed these things. When we got those things, we realized we needed or wanted something else to make it complete. The discounts paid for the shipping each time, so I don't feel too badly about it.

I really must say I've been really pleased with Levenger's shipping, too. The orders would be shipped within 1-2 days of placing the order, and I'd receive the shipment in 2 days. That quick response is why I've been able to get so many orders in. Darn their quick shipping!

Don't feel bad - me too

Hey - don't feel bad - I placed my third order last week and am dangerously close to hitting send on a fourth. Worse yet, I'm corrupting friends now. What an addiction this Circa business is. I'm a newbie and I already find it so useful!

Levenger 20% off discount still worked 3-12-08

I used code SPCHG1 on March 12, 08 and it still gave me the 20% off my order. I also received a $40.00 gift card for ordering the sample pack of circa products a few weeks ago and used it at the same time. I have loved the circa products. Everything I have purchased at Levenger has been great quality and I have really enjoyed their products.

I used this on April 1 (no

I used this on April 1 (no foolin') and it still worked

Levenger spring sale

Got the email early this morning- their spring sale is going on -- great deals on circa covers for certain colors and sizes. I wonder if you order enough, if you'd still be abele to use this coupon code?

Just used it

I got an email about the 50% spring sale and used the code for a new leather compact cover. It at least helps with the shipping cost.

It still works on 4/3

I just used it for the sale leather circa folders. Can't wait to get them now.

Now that's some coupon

Wow -- a coupon that works on 4/3 when today is only 4/2. . . . Amazing!

Used it on 4/1...

No foolin' :-)

Used it twice past the original expiration date. Thanks!!!


"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." Albert Einstein and Buckaroo Banzai


I have been writing the wrong date all day. I hate it when that happens. Guess I should look at my handy dandy diy agenda more often. :-)

Spring Sale?

I dont think I got that email... I hope I didn't delete it with all the spam by mistake.

What type of Spring Sale is it? :)

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worked today, too!

Took advantage of the spring sale -- the coupon paid for all of my shipping charges. I took the el cheap-o shipping option -- I really don't **need** what I bought :)

Just tried it and it worked.

Just tried it and it worked. Saved me $10.

It still works!

I just used it today!

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

Still working as of 5/10/08

Still working as of 5/10/08

I just used it today and it

I just used it today and it worked. :D

SPCHG1 still working as of

SPCHG1 still working as of 6/13/08.

still working 07/18/08

still working 07/18/08

Just ordered a Circa desk

Just ordered a Circa desk punch some covers and PDA notepad.
Here are my totals with the code. Thanks OP!!

product total
sales tax
discount code
grand total


I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
I have Obsessive Compulsive Order.

Levenger 20% Coupon Code Still Valid

SPCHG1 worked as of August 6, 2008. I've used it twice in as many weeks.

Woohoo! Thanks, worked for

Woohoo! Thanks, worked for me today.

I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
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Wow! I had a %-off coupon from my last purchase, but it expired before I could use it. You were very kind to share this link & I so appreciate it!

Best wishes!

I just used this coupon

I just used this coupon April 7th and it worked.