Circa + Moleskine planner

I had recently changed from 3/4 inch rings to 1 inch rings in my Circa planner because it was feeling a like I had too much packed in there. Unfortunately to me the 1 inch rings feel a little big & bulky in the binder I have.

I have the Levenger monthly tabs for the year plus this month & next month in weekly planning page. While it doesn't sound like that is that much, it seemed to me like 1/3 of my planner was calendar pages.

I realized the "large" Moleskine planners are slightly smaller than the Levenger Junior size, so I could fit both of them comfortably in my binder.

Last night I found a Weekly + Notes Moleskine planner at the local Blick's. I bought it, and have it in the same binder with Circa planner. I removed the calendar pages from my planner and put it back on 3/4 rings.

This seems like a good setup since I have very few things that actually need to be done on a certain day or time. On the bottom of the "notes" pages, I have a super-sticky postit note with my monthly goals written out.


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Sounds interesting. Pictures ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

blogged & took pictures

It's been a pretty busy week. I finally got some time to post pictures & blog about my current planner setup.

Blog article

I took 8 photos & posted them on Flickr. Here's the one that sums up the setup the best.

Circa tabs & Moleskine


thanks for the blog and

thanks for the blog and photos -- it sounds near perfect.

I was planning on printing a calendar like that instead of purchasing a moleskine. Of course, I haven't totally gotten the hang of printing things yet.

This probably belongs in another thread, but have you noticed that rolla paper tends to pop out of circa rings? Or even rolla rings, for that matter. I tried taking 1/3 of the paper out of the rolla notebook but the paper still pops.

How heavy is the paper ?

I have never had that problem. Ar eyou using original Circa/Rolla paper or your own ? I could see that happening with thinner paper, so I use heavier stuff.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I started with 3/4 rings

My first circa was the 07 calendar I purchased from Levenger for $3 last month. It had the 3/4 inch rings and I liked the size. But as I started to create my new system of organization and fill it up I found that there was just not enough room so I switched to the 1 inch size. The thing about the one inch rings is that I do not think the pages turn as smoothly as they do with the 3/4 inch rings.


Upsizing the rings in Jr. Circa foldover

The 3/4" discs in my Jr. Circa foldover notebook looked more streamlined, but they weren't cutting it, especially since I could only hold half my calendared year, some extra paper, and a zip pocket (barely). Replaced them with the 1" discs, which didn't look as bulky as I thought they would, especially now that I can carry more paper and a few thicker items without noticing the strain. Haven't noticed any turning issues, but there were some with the smaller discs being stuffed too full.

noticed that too

yes, I noticed that too when I put too many sheets in. I am just starting to use the new system so will see how the one inch rings work out.