Help work on my Planner

Not sure if this is under that category. Basically I discovered this website and learning about it. I have some notebooks I am going to use but once they are done I will need to get practical. I keep stack of used paper I convert to planner on the empty side, so what I want to do is create planners using half circle-rectangle hole punch with DIY on recycle paper and illustration board, where can I find that hole puncher?

Thank you

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Circa or Rollabind

I think you are looking for a Circa or Rollabind punch - this is the same item, just different brand names on them.

Here are links to each:

Circa Punch

Rollabind Punch

I hope this is what you meant!

Yeah, but whats the

Yeah, but whats the difference between Circa Punch and the Hole Punch? price difference but do they do different things? Are these sold in office stores?

Thanks for the info.

Not Much Difference

There's not much difference between the two punches - but I've found Levenger to be a more reliable vendor than Rollabind. The Circa punch also has some guideds for different sized paper.

If you look on this website, someone's posted a Levenger 20% off coupon, and that might help defray the difference in cost between Rollabind and Circa.

Neither of these is available in office stores at the moment, though there are rumors that Staples stores in the US are to begin carrying the Rollabind punch.

Yeah, but whats the

Yeah, but whats the difference between Circa Punch and the Hole Punch?

A hole punch punches holes. A Circa punch (or Rollabind punch - the two are the same, just differently branded) does not punch holes. Instead, it punches mushroom-like cut-outs* where the stem is open-ended, much like the cut-outs on a Rolodex index card.

Here's a link to a picture of a stack of Circa papers for an idea of the mushroom-like cut-outs:
Circa paper

*Cut-outs - the closest description I could think of for what we normally call smurfs.

YAY Just ordered my set the


Just ordered my set the circa puncher and some disc. Now the waiting begins, whats funny by me talking about this product I convince my friend whose in a rut to get one as a means to achieve her career goals.

I should be in their sales team

thank you everyone and thanks for the 20% discount!!!