need certain shade of yellow index cards/ & light ink grid cards??

1. does anyone know what company might make the almost pale goldenrod ruled yellow index cards... as opposed to the anemic yellow ones or the neon yellow ones??
I have some, but cannot remember where I purchased them or what brand they are. They are easy on the eyes and just a distinctive warm yellow color with a tidge of red or pink in the yellow mix, if youre a colorist.

2. I just bought some indiex cards that are graph with little squres or some epople call this quadrille. But the ink is dark blue and thick and wont show pencil lines well. The pencil lines dont show up; the graphing lines are so dark.

Do you know an index card that has graph lines that are lighter, like maybe gray or very thin, or??

I usually use an HB8 pencil .7 for my drawings on graph paper, if that helps.

Thank you if you can help me

I continue to find all your wisdom about diy valuable. As soon as I can think of something wise to say, I will certainly share it with you right away. But, for now, this from the Seraphim: "It's not about organization. It's about taking the time to think... the most precious commodity on earth besides Life: time to think things through before implementing..."

with kind regards,

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What size?

I have some that sound like what you're looking for. They're made by Exacompta, but they're ~4"x6" (they're really 100mm x 150mm) but they aren't a US brand and I've only seen them in multi-packs with other colors (green, blue, pink). I bought mine from Pendemonium. Scroll down to the bottom of the Exacompta page on their website.

If you're in the UK or Europe, I would imagine that you can locate single colors. If you're in the US or the cards are 3x5, I don't know any sources. Sorry.

DIY in Word

I made 8.5 x 11" grid paper shown here using MS Word. It will illustrate the concept. Just set the page size at 3 x 5 inches with minimal borders all round. Set up tables in the number of rows and columns you need, then 'Select All' and choose grey as the color of the gridlines and it prints more lightly than standard grid cards.

colored index cards and grids

I've had good luck getting various colors of index cards by buying colored cardstock at a local stationery supply company and having it cut to size at a copy shop. I've chosen to have them cut the cards 2 13/16" wide so I can get 6 stacks of cards from a ream of paper.

As for the grid, I just played in Excel to make a grid that printed on my cards with a grid size I like. I experimented with line color and style (I ended up using black with the lightly dotted style) until I got something of the darkness I wanted.

archangel finds good solution for light grid ink on paper

Hi everyone: I found a really nice quadrille at Staples that fits the bill really well. I'd written about grid paper (3x5) that has lines too dark to show my pencil layouts. I came across a pale warm yellow paper with light warm gray grid in an 11x8.5 notebook called Mead Cambridge business notebook B-106 and 06194/ quad ruled-4 sq-in, heavyweight bond paper, 2 pockets, 70 sheets

I had all the paper cut from the spiral, and then had it cut 3x5= 350 index size quadrilles, just leaving the notebook covers and two pockets to use elsewise

it is really nice

came home, punched it and circa-ed it

and, I ordered some of the paper that you good folks here suggested too, so I will let you know/review that too when it arrives

and oh, thanks Lex, I did print out in gray and that worked great too. Thanks for the tip

thank you ALL for your thoughts and help to this oft bewildered traveler