I'm new with some questions!


I read about Circa a few days ago, can't remember where but then found these boards [which I love by the way!]

Have read pretty much all there is to read on here but still have a few questions I hope someone can help me with.

Okay, here goes ...

1. I want to buy a starter pack for the Circa Junior and would like to know if the tabs stick out past the edges of the notebook/agenda [by the way, are those the same product and just different outside covers or what?]

I'd definitely want tabs but absolutely would not want the tabs sticking out past the book 'cuz I'm afraid they'd get bent up and so forth.

2. I've haven't read many good things about Rollabind but wanted to know if I could trust them or not if I were to buy paper from them.

I know it isn't the quality of paper that Circa has but do like that I can buy papers in increments of 50 and not 300 [at least to start off with].

The Junior papers I don't think are anything I'd keep to archive or anything but just want to use the planner for daily check lists and notes, grocery lists and etc.

3. Does anybody think that the Rollabind papers would be okay to use for journaling ... those pages wouldn't be taken out and rearranged or anything so I don't think I'd have a problem with them but thought I'd ask to make sure.

4. I'm thinking about also buying the letter size starter pack to use as a journal but would like to know if it would be heavy enough to write on easily [not flimsy like a regular notebook would be.]

And, last but not least ... Does Circa have a Circa Agenda 2 pages per month calendar anywhere?

I've looked all over their site and if so, couldn't find it but then too, I find their site not really easy to find all things easily.

I read somewhere on these boards about a Circa Agenda 2 pages per month and the post had a picture attached to it ... this is something I definitely would want.

After I couldn't find it on Circa's website I got to thinking that maybe it was something that someone made a template for and then printed it off themselves.

If they did this, they did an excellent job because to me, it looked like something that would have been bought from somewhere.

I'm sorry this post is so long but thought I'd post all my questions at once so I can find out these things quickly and then, can put my mind to rest and actually order my stuff. *lol*

Thank you for any and all help!



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Some Answers

1. All the covers I have seen are sized to accomodate tabs so that they do not stick out.

2. (Personal experience) Buy good heavier-than-normal paper at your local Staples/Office Depot/Whatever. I have tinkered with 24#, 28# and 32# paper and found it as good as the Levenger/Rollabind stuff and much more affordable.

3. See number 2. Additionally, If the pages are not going to be rearranged much, I have found that garbage common 20# paper does good as well, so I would say use whatever paper you are comfortable with.

4. The cover pieces are sturdier than something like a spiral bound notebook, if that's what you mean. I think you will have no trouble

(5)(Circa Agenda 2 pages per month calendar) That must have been one of our templates. Circa agendas I have seen are daily or weekly.
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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your help!

Aaah, I feel so much better now - I've been dying to order the things from Circa but wanted to make sure that it'd be just what I wanted it to be [and ... it is!!] :-)

I'm off to the Levenger site now and am dreading the wait already [especially since there'll be no mail on Monday so it'll be extra long to get it. Darn! *lol*]



I'm gonna try the things my Circa things that I order first and then if I find that I can't live without them [which I fully expect will happen!], I'll then invest in a punch and will go for the office supply type of paper. :-)

Road Trip !

There is a Levenger store in the Washington DC area (Tyson's Corner) and two in Chicago if you just cannot wait, depending on what part of PA you live in...


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I would so love a road trip right now but ...

I'd love to be able to go and get one like "right now!" but I live in NW Pennsylvania up by Erie and don't have a vehicle. :-(

I think I'd probably be dangerous if I were to actually go into their store. *lol*


try this for journaling

hi Jannelle, nice name incidentally...

for the same price as rollabind, at Staples, you can find "Red and Black" notebooks that have wonderful clairfontaine-like paper. If you arent going to rearrange your journaling as you mentioned, Id recommend one of those instead of Rolla. Rolla is serviceable paper, 'good enough' paper. But the R&B paper is 'very fine.'

hope this helps


Hi! Thanks for the

Hi! Thanks for the compliment on my name [I kind of like it too. *Smile*]

Also, thanks for the idea of the Staples product but I've already bought my Circa Junior and I absolutely LOVE it and being able to re-arrange pages.

I've finally found my ideal planner!! :-)