Photography Exposure Record

When I got my first Filofax back in the mid 1980's I bought a stock of different pages for it, this was pre Internet!!! One of the packs of pages I got was Filofax Ref 404 a Photo Exposure Record sheet.

It was obviously aimed at film cameras, but I'd forgotten about these pages until the other day. Sadly this particular page is no longer available from Filofax, so I decided to make my own but for A5 size.


A5PhotoExposureRecord.pdf12.63 KB
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Great! But...

... about 10 years too late! ;-) Actually, I stopped shooting film about 2003/4. Actually, that's not entirely true. I still have one film body with a roll in it, but I haven't used it for about 8 months.... ;-)

Nowadays, I just use the exif data, and it's Spotlight searchable! It is still a nice form, and good to have here in the lineup, though. Thanks.


A5 photo exposure record

I still use film for medium format so thanks for this useful pdf. One of my photography teacher's friend made us several small notebooks for such a purpose. I find them very useful.
Duc Ly

thanks for this. i use film

thanks for this. i use film almost exclusively - medium and large format, and have been thinking of making something like this myself. you saved me the trouble.