Levenger navy leather?

Does anyone own a Levenger product, such as a notebook, in navy leather? I've been using the compact foldover notebook in eggplant for a little while, and something about the color just isn't working for me. So I was thinking of exchanging it for navy, which is apparently available now. Problem is the colors at the Lev. website are usually completely inaccurate, so I was wondering if anyone can either describe the shade or perhaps provide a photo that comes closer than the levenger pix.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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paging Ryan Rasmussen

I'd really like to have a dark blue Levenger zip folio for my Circa notebook. I don't see any pictures of the new Navy colored gear on the website at all. I'd really want to see it before buying it. The problem is some people consider a dark blue "Navy" while others seem to consider a purplish blue to be navy. I'm not wanting anything purple but a dark blue would be great.

This seems like something that has just become available. Best place to get an idea of what it looks like would be from someone who has access to a Levenger store.


Ryan? Yoo hoooo . . . ?

Here's an example of navy on the Levenger site (click on the navy button), but (a) it may not be the same color as the Circa leather and (b) even if it is, it's not likely to be a good representation of the actual color.

For what it's worth, I think of navy as a dark blue, not a purple blue.

Ryan, if you get this, isn't there some way to improve the photo quality on the website (and in the catalogs)? No two photos of a single color look the same. Of course, colors on different monitors will always look a little different, but Levenger pictures are extremely inaccurate (as I've muttered about in many a post). It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't charge for shipping both ways (and at no small price); customers are really taking a chance when ordering -- you really can't be sure what color is going to arrive.

Barring better photos, how about offering (free?) swatches? Now that would be great customer service!

Dark Blue

I was at the Tyson's Corner store recently and saw the Wellesley Laptop Bag in Navy at the store. It was a nice dark blue, very navy to me.

That being said, I didn't see any Circa in navy while I was there. So I can't be sure of the colour it would actually be.

Circa navy!

The new navy circa notebook arrived today, and it's beautiful! It's a very deep blue, in some light almost black, in other light clearly blue but still a deep shade. It's actually quite close to the navy in the link above. What I like is it's a color that knows what it is -- somehow, for me, the eggplant doesn't commit itself to being a deep purple; it's a little off. Under some lights I love it, and under different lights I don't. Maybe it's me.

Here's something weird, though. The front cover of the navy notebook is a little pebbly, not perfectly smooth like the other circa leather covers. But -- the back cover is smooth. I like the pebbliness on something that gets handled as much as my planner does, so I called Levenger to see if I could get a matching pebbly cover for the back, but the rep had no idea why the front was pebbly. She said it's supposed to be smooth, and maybe the cover got damaged. It's definitely not damaged texture-wise, although the bottom of the cover has a strip of marginally darker blue than the rest of it. So much for quality control.

Anyway, details aside, it's a very nice color that I'm sure would be equally appealing to blue lovers of both sexes.

Navy Back in Most Circa Leather!

After quickly disappearing, Navy is back - and in almost all of the circa leather categories and sizes! I've been a bit disappointed it wasn't available in foldovers but in any case had not decided which size was really going to be most useful for me until recently for main planning and organizing. With no excuse now, I ordered ... ;-

It looks like....!

The foldover notebooks ARE in navy!! And they look very attractive. It looks like the only foldover that is not in navy is 3x5. There is even a PDA sized navy foldover.

There are a bunch of other things in navy too, like pocket briefcases etc.

Love it!