Labels that will actually stick to the cPDA tabs?

I ordered a couple of those circa PDA kits with the tab dividers. The kit comes with some labels cut to fit the tabs, but they didn't even last a half day of gentle use before they all fell off. The texture of the plastic just doesn't allow them to adhere well.

I am currently using avery file folder labels cut down to size, and they lasted about two weeks, but now they are peeling. My pda doesn't get a lot of rough use, and usually stays in its own pocket in my messenger bag, so it's not getting jostled all day. I'm kind of frustrated that all my labels keep coming off so easily.

Does anyone have any ideas for labels that won't come off? I figure I could just write on the tabs themselves in sharpie but right now I'm still experimenting a bit with what tabs are going to be what, so I'd like to not make any permanent marks on them yet. Plus with enough time, I think even the sharpie on the plastic will get dull and fade. What are you guys using?


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Writing on tabs

I agree that labeling the tabs with a sharpie, although a fast solution, would probably fade faster than desired.

I posted an update to an old thread linking to some photographs I took attempting to illustrate what has worked for me.

Link to Rasmussen's Circa PDA node


I've labelled mine with

I've labelled mine with permanent Sharpies and after nearly a year, they have not faded.

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I use a Brother P-Touch 65

I use a Brother P-Touch 65 labelmaker and cut the printed labels to size. I do wish they have transparent labels for this particular model but apparently this is the entry-level model (read: cheap), and transparent labels are available only for the more expensive "brothers". So I stick to using the white labels.

And no, the labels don't come off unless I peel them off. Sturdy, that's what they are.

P-Touch 65 Clear

I was looking for this today, and I found that black-on-clear label tape for the PT-65 does exist. (Yes, I use the PT-65, too.) It's tape code M-131, in half-inch wide only.

My next wish is for this to show up at somewhere I actually shop! The thought of paying shipping for one little label tape cartridge makes me shudder!

Thank you

I too was wondering if it existed. Will buy tonight.

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I did finally buy a Dymo

I did finally buy a Dymo several months back, printed transparent labels and they work very well. I copied Ryan a bit. Click here to see it on Flickr.

Well, I am looking for a

Well, I am looking for a label maker, so I will keep this in mind, thanks!

tab labels

There is an ink called Staz-on that is permanent on plastic. You can get clear extra small alphabet rubber stamps and when you decide what you want can stamp them on.
Until then clear labels cut to fit and written on?

I use a label maker

I have a small, personal size label maker and it makes shiny labels (in the tiniest of print) that look great and stay on very well.

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Blank tabs

When I use tabs I don't write on the tabs. Instead I put an index page at the back of the binder. The index page is slightly wider than the other pages. By writing the tab names on the index page, in line with each tab, I know what is where simply by lifting the tab.

It means that I can reuse the one set of tabs for years and if the categories change I simply have to update the index page.

I'm assuming this would work for Circa etc.

Like these ?

TOC Dividers
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Similar to those dividers

Yes, Ygor, like that except that I don't have the index on top of the dividers. That's too much of a hassle when the binder is open.

Instead the index/label-name page is at the back of the binder, so it doesn't move when the binder in opened.

I print the topic names down the right hand edge of the page. In some binders I put the index page into a plastic sleeve, which automatically makes the index broader than the other pages.

It works especially well with semi-transparent plastic tabs.

Neat Idea!

I like that alot - something I wouldn't have thought of. I use a Dymo labeller myself - labels can be peeled off and replaced - but this is still a great idea.


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