What is up with the links here?

Okay, does everyone that posts links automatically have to get their posts approved, or do regulars earn the right to post links or what? The first post I had with links never showed up, and I posted another one earlier tonight that was also flagged. What is the etiquette here?

Is spamming really that out of hand here? It seems like the restrictions are a little heavy-handed.

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This discussion should

This discussion should help answer your question.

Funny you should ask!

Because yesterday, the boards got _pounded_ with spam! I lost count of how many there were in a very short time.... and these are just the ones that got through. :-(

So, yes, there are strictish rules in place, esp. for newcomers, as most spam comes from "newcomers" who "join" to spam us.

I don't know why they bother. Do they think they have an upscale clientele here? Certainly, they can't see that people here won't touch their so-called advertisements. And I almost feel sorry for the people that pay them to do this (only almost).