does anyone have experience with iGTD?

can anyone tell me if its useful? I am the soul of a jillion post-its notes that have one idea per note.... how many years worth? How long have post-its been made? lol

So, returning to analog is really helpful after all these years of trying to go paperless for various heavenly and devilish bad reasons.

I mean, the input time in iGTD would be substantial, no? So is the payout or organizing and shifting things about... worth that input time? That's one of the things I guess I am asking

thanks for any thoughts you may have


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Not much, but....

I would suggest that if you want to get the most out of iGTD, and to help speed up entry, that you install and also learn to use Quicksilver, and use the iGTD plugin script with it.

As to iGTD itself, the author has done everything he could to speed things up--just about everything can be done from the keyboard. Drag and drop of files to the "links" item, integration with the Address Book, and, I think, iCal, and much more.

I would recommend that, if you are serious, you take a bit of time up front to learn the program, and plan a strategy, in regards to contexts, projects, how you will use/work them, etc. Do some experimenting with some non-real data first, to get a feel for the program, and then, set it up, and start using it, fine-tuning as you go. It's an interesting app, and actually has functionality beyond what the original author visualized (It's good for sales calls, for instance). He's coming out with a 2.0 version that will be shareware, but from what I've read, the current version will better fit my needs.