has anyone taken a david allen seminar taught by his associates?

are they useful? They are a lot of money. Has anyone ever been? What would be your bests and other thoughts about it?

Thanks if you can help


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David Allen Seminar

I have not been to one personally but have chatted with Jenifer the author of the blog lifemuncher.blogspot.com I do believe Jenifer is also on diy as lifemuncher. What Jen told is that it changed her organization immediately, she went home and set up those manila folders.
Duc Ly

Spam filter

I added a comment to this thread yesterday and I got a message indicating it was flagged as Spam. How long does it generally take before potential Spam is reviewed and either removed or restored?


Spam is auto-deleted after two days

Do you have a URL to it ? There is so much other garbage in the spam filters that searching for it is a serious chore.
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continuous spam questions - make it an Article Topic?

I've noticed that all you administrator types spend a lot of time not only retrieving spam flagged messages, but also dealing with questions about the spam unblock process. I've also seen in several different places where you all have given the detailed process. In all fairness though, when somebody runs up against the spam issue, there isn't an obvious place to go to look for that process. Unless someone just happens to know that it was a story or a topic or a thread, the same question will be asked over and over.

Is it possible to make that an option in the Article Topics list over in the left hand nav bar? That way no matter where you are in the forums/files/galleries/... you can see the topic over on the left. Seems like that might save all of you a lot of time.

I know both you and Innowen have come to my spam rescue on a couple of different occassions. I very much appreciate how much you all put into running this board, and all for gratis! Selfishly, I'd rather you spent your time creating more cool templates and thought provoking articles than with mundane administrivia.