Rollabind - I need your input please

I need to order some paper and pocket pages from Rollabind [can't afford Levenger's 300 pages at this time.]

Anyways, I haven't heard real good things about Rollabind but what I want to know is:

Has anyone recently ordered from Rollabind and if so - did you have any problems with getting your order in a timely manner?

Also, can someone please tell me what shipping method that they use?

Thanks so much for your help!



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Successful recent order..

I bought the portable punch through them (same device as Levenger, $10 less, no weird shipping options) in early January. I used UPS Ground Residential, and it came in about 4 total business days.

My order was placed through "rollabindsystems", according to the e-mail I got confirming it. I can't remember whether I started on that site or just ended up there once I'd placed my order, though.

Thank you so much ... I'm on

Thank you so much ... I'm on my way there now! :-)

I got my Circa starter kit yesterday but no extra papers and of course, now I have my Circa ... I desperately "need" papers so I can get started. *lol*

Have a wonderful day!



I just called Rollabind just

I just called Rollabind just to be sure that they did have the paper in stock and she said yes.

Also, while I had the customer service lady on the phone - I asked her about the and and she told me that they are 2 separate companies!

I guess I thought they were the same company but nope, they aren't.

Okay, I'm off to get my order completed but thought I'd let others know in case they didn't already that they are two separate companies.