How far can the levenger go with stock?

I just got my levenger hole puncher and wanted to know how far it can handle stock paper 100lb? Illustration boar?

Just asking so when I start making my books

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capacity of punches

I have the Rolla punch instead of the Levenger punch, so I can't speak specifically to the Levenger item. However, I've found that if I can wedge it into the gap of my punch, I can punch through the material. I haven't measured it, but the slit for putting in materials is fairly slim.

Not to say that I don't end up putting pretty considerable umph into the operation when the material is completely full. But, I haven't really noticed that punching as much paper as the punch will hold is any easier or harder than punching a piece of plastic as thick as the punch will hold.

I forget who, but somebody here pointed out that the force required to punch through a given thickness is multiplied by the number of punches. So, while something might be difficult to do with a 3 hole punch, it is four times harder to punch that same material in a 12 hole punch.

The Rolla punch can take the force, I'm guessing the Levenger one can too.


Using the Levenger punch

I've been able to punch the cardboard stock from the backing of legal pads as covers for the kids' sketch books. It's a tight fit and takes serious umph as kmorris has mentioned, but very doable.

It's 8 sheets of 80gsm paper

It's 8 sheets of 80gsm paper at a time. I don't know what is the lb equivalent for 80gsm paper.

Google and Wikipedia are your friends

Paper Density

80 gsm paper is about equivalent to common 20# paper, but most of the really nice papers that folks like Levenger's use are more like 90 gsm. I use 28# and 32# high end inkjet/laser printer paper from Staples with excellent results
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Well, then it's 5 sheets of

Well, then it's 5 sheets of 100gsm paper at a time.

I can punch thru...

Whether it is the classic or 8.5X11 I can punch thru 6 sheets of 100lb cover paper which is about all that I can fit into the Levenger punch. I have also punched thru the plastic covers of the Itoya Art Portfolio very easily with their punch. I am using those to make plastic covers and dividers for my different books.

I wish they had a punch with a beefy handle and room for more papers. I would love to punch thru some .090 or .125 binders board to see how that works for covers.

Does anyone know if the Rollabind punch would accommodate that thickness?