BusyBodyBook and similar

Has anyone ever tried this planner? I use something similar to it to organize certain work-related task. It employs a grid format that some claim is helpful for parents -- schedules for multiple people or settings can be viewed at a glance.

I use my similar planner as a way to brainstorm ideas. For my job, I must monitor and stay on top of a large and complex subject. I divided my responsibilities into several different topics/areas to stay on top of, listed each sub-topic at the top of the grid, and periodically brainstorm what I can do to serve each sub-area on a regular basis. It helps me stay on top of things.

If you're interested in trying the BusyBodyBook -- which actually looks a bit better than my little planner, which I stumbled upon at a CVS store one day -- now is a good time. The Web site just started a 50% off sale. It's www.busybodybook.com.

Hope this helps!

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I was going to go with the DIY thing but this seems like a perfect calender for my life. I'm also thinking of getting the academic one for my son when he enters Middle School next school year.



I just received my busybodybook today and I really think they are on to something here! I am not a mom, so will be using this for work. My dilemna was that I have to track each of my actions from my desk to the client back to my desk and then to the correct company. So, I wanted to know the date of each of these occurances and where the item was now (which is mostly paperwork). So, my first column I use for appts, the next for time-sensitive actions (send out a check, do a wire transfer, etc.), 3rd is for anything sent out to a client, 4th for anything sent out to a company and 5th is for personal stuff.

Then, the full left hand page has room for other actions (order toner, update web site, etc.) and notes.

In the front of the book, there are 3 months listed per page. This is where I am writing a lot of my personal stuff as I like to see more than a week at a time.

The back offers only 5 pages for notes, but since there is a note page for every week, this should be fine. Then there are 7 pages of perforated "to-do lists" (4 per page). very cool! and two pages for contact info.

There is a pocket folder inside the front and back covers.

All in all, I think this might be pretty cool. Size is 7" X 10".

Anyone else using this system?

Cool system

This looks really cool.

I don't know that this would work for me as the spaces seem really small. But I like the concept - and the big fridge calendar they have.

I'm thinking on it.

I have the WeekDate calendar, and it's not exactly what I want either. I'm still noodling how to make the best planner for me.

I'm also using the Power Systems Daily Planning Worksheet, which is an absolutely wonderful thing for me - a way to form my days on the actual day of ... but I want something smaller to deal with my to-do list stuff, my appointment scheduling and my recurring tasks (household and work-related).

So ... anyway ... I'm still working on stuff - but I feel like I'm getting closer - especially since my office has been cleaned up and I actually have a spot for nearly everything.

small spaces

you are right about the small spaces... I thought I could work around this as there are days where nothing would be filled in those squares, but now I realize that some days I have 15 items going out to cliens or companies and there is no way to fit that in a small square... Not sure if this will work for me. Plus, I have never enjoyed lugging around large planners. 3X5 is too small, junior and letter are too big... Thought if it was all contained ina nice notebook I could talk myself into it... hasen't happened so far. I am thinking compact/personal size would be best for me... Oh, the search continues!!!

nay nay

p.s. this really is a great concept though! I could see how beneficial it would be for families!!

Two More Options

I was looking at planners today and ran across a couple that you might like.

It's the PepperPot Ultimate Organizer. This was $19 at Cost Plus World Market, but apparently much less expensive on-line. But you could, if you live near a Cost Plus, possibly put your hands on one to see if it works for you.

It has fold over covers so that the two sides fold over the top and meet in the center. The center has a weekly planner (undated) at about 8" x 7". The left cover, when open, sports an address book and the right cover has a notepad. I think the address book or notepad could be replaced by different items, or circa-fied pads of DIY forms.

It really was pretty clever.

The other was the Mom Agenda which had a 2-page per week layout and had a top section for "Adult calendar stuff" that was separated into morning, afternoon and evening for sections below - one for each child. This might be a little more up your alley. And it's pretty compact - around "junior/classic" size. It was $7.99 at the CVS Pharmacy.

I'm jazzed about the Ultimate Planner - I'm thinking about trying to DIY something similar for myself. But I like the Mom Agenda because I could schedule daily appointments in the top and task items on the bottom, broken out by type (i.e. work, housework and self-care) - I just don't like calling it a Mom Agenda because I'm not a mom and don't have children. (c:

Oh look!

The MomAgenda people have what they call MyAgenda for Everyone that doesn't have the mom/family references. And the 2008 version is 50% off.

They also have undated desk pads.

And you can download a couple of different trial pages if you are so inclined.

I have a feeling that what I saw at the pharmacy was a knock-off of these - this stuff they show is pretty 'spensive.

I hope something I've found helps you out. (c:


Great Ideas!

Thank you tootru! I am going to download the trial pages of the MyAgenda to see what it is like - looks pretty great. I have looked at the MomAgenda's before, but like you, do not have kids, so it didn't work for me. But, I had not noticed the MyAgenda before!!

THANK YOU for all of the suggestions! Always appreciate help from my DIY friends!

nay nay

I'm glad I could help...

I feel like I've taken away so much to help me from here, and this is the first time I've felt I truly gave something back. (c: Yea!