8.5 x 11 Day/Week/Month Trogdor v1.2 2011 printable organizer for sysadmins

I'm one of those Computer nerds that fly all over the US, and is called to action any time of the day or night.
Honestly Day and Night is all a blur to me working in windowless environments. There really wasn't anything out there in the commercial sector to organize a person who works like I do so this is my first attempt at a DIY Planner!

This being the 1st Weekly/Monthly/Day/Night Planner I've ever seen, I would like to get everyone's opinion on its layout/functionality.

Printing Instructions:
1. Print ODD sheets
2. Reverse and place back in printer tray.
3. Print EVEN Sheets
4. Place in binder

UPDATED FOR 2011 w/Open Office odg files so you can continue the good work.
- v1.1 (Cosmetic corrections)
- v1.2 (Typo Corrections)

2011 Weekly Calander 4-up-trogdor.pdf589.07 KB
2011 Weekly Calander 4-up-trogdor.odg1.69 MB
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That looks good! I would

That looks good!
I would only need the monthly pages, but the whole thing looks great to me.

I am a notebook junkie.

Thanks, it's not TOO

Thanks, it's not TOO COLORFUL is it? =) I almost went gray/scale but looking at other planners on the market allot of the larger ones are color.

I set this up so you can print the odd pages, flip it, and then print the even pages on the back.
It fits/looks nice in a 3RING binder and I've been using this template for a couple months now and wanted to share.
I think I have a little to much going on during the month transitions though.
I needed to fill space in order to get the front/back printing to work out.

Colorful (?)

If the colors work for you, great.
I am not sure they would work for me, but I do like your layout.

Very nice despite being a bit blinding :)
Keep up the excellent efforts.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


I love the colors!

I think...

...this is a very thorough planner. You have all the necessary pages especially for your "business." I like the colors as I get sick of looking at gray! I think you did an EXCELLENT job!

Well done and thanks for submitting!
nay nay

I like 'em too

I, too, like to get away from the monotony of black and grays. Personally, I like the blue/yellow color scheme of At-A-Glance's Quicknotes planners - which it appears you followed.

Nice work!



it takes a color printer or, at least, colored paper.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Those who use a laser printer are stuck, but many of us do use inkjet.

The variety is nice to have in the archives. More choices in rarely a bad thing.


Thanks guys!

I do like the at-a-glance colors so that look carried over to this work.
I continued the Blue/Yellow schema to represent Day & Night on each column.

I hope that some one will take my work and suggest or improve my month transitions. When I print it all out everything is great until I hit the Month section and I "feel" disconnected? I'm considering removing the meeting/Notes pages and putting them in the back of the planner. Since its designed to work in a 3RING, it's an easy thing to do.

love it, just need hours

love it, just need hours between 6am and 10 pm, and some pretty chick-like colours to keep me inspired.

Hour columns.....

The Hour columns were left out because my Days can start at different times. Having the standard 6/7AM field as I discovered didn't work for my kind of job and odd hours. I would be scratching out times and writing in new ones all the time. It was very frustrating to say the least! To deal with my "odd" hours I continued the Blue/Yellow schema to represent Day & Night on each column. So I literally write in the hours I work in their corresponding color (Day=Yellow , Blue=Night).

UPDATED TROGDOR 1.1 for 2011

Just thought I'd upload the latest 2011 Trogdor Calendar.
Minor cosmetic cleanup and date change...

This is a great format, but

This is a great format, but I am having trouble with your open office zip file. It contains a large number of object files and some xml code, but no odg file? Forgive me if this is obvious, I am not an open office user.

the zip file is also....

...the odg file! You need to change the extension from .zip to .odg, and then it should work. You can also try opening the file from within OOo and see if it opens it. OOo files are simply zipped folders with a different extension. HTH.