Simple 3x5 printing trick for use with Circa PDA

This may seem fairly obvious, but I'll throw it out there just in case it didn't occur to anyone else yet.

Ever since I bought a pocket punch, I've finally been able to use the fine DIYPlanner templates to make pages for my Circa PDA. However, though my printer will print on 3x5 cards, it can't print on the last .5" of each card. Simultaneously, I was a little frustrated because, if you don't mess around with margins, the default templates don't leave much space at the top for smurfing.

So, from two simple problems a simple solution: print the template upside-down! You can "rotate view clockwise" in Acrobat twice, and then print directly onto 3x5 cards for excellent results. No waste at the "bottom" of the card anymore, and just enough room for smurfing with a little bit of a margin.

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Great tip

Great tip & thanks !