Levenger Freebie

I just got a fun freebie from my last Levenger order. I won't ruin the surprise, but it's a 20th Anniversary "thank you" gift. The funny thing is that I was going to order one of these, but I didn't because I was trying to rein in the levenger spending. Hehe.

I got the cPda (leather) in forest green. It was much darker than I expected. I was expecting a hunter green from the pictures. This is a really, really deep dark green...any darker and it would be black. It's pretty, but I wish it was slightly lighter. It's also a twinge bluer than I expected too. (I doubt most people would notice this, but I used to color balance pictures for a living, so I'm a freak about color.)

Can anyone tell me how the cranberry compares to the normal red? It looks so similar in the photos, but now I'm thinking it must be really dark.

I was surprised to see bigger rings on this than the plastic cPDA. My plastic cPDA was getting a bit cramped so I decided to go with the larger rings and transferred my stuff to the leather cPDA. But even with the bigger rings, it holds less cards - the reason being that the leather is so much thicker than the plastic. I hadn't thought of that. I am a little bummed about it, but I wanted to keep my cPDA small and transfer stuff to a larger notebook, so at least the size will force me to stay disciplined.

I put my mini-BookSling on it and it looks great and I have my pen, so I'm a happy camper.

I wish Levenger would put an elastic band on this version like they do with the cloth ones. Because of the added bulk of the leather, you really do need an elastic to hold this thing closed. And they should add a pen loop like the non-PDA 3x5 case.

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I have a cranberry shirt pocket briefcase, and it's a brownish red. I expected it to be more purple, and was slightly disappointed. I had my hands on a red leather rope at one point, and it was a true vivid red. The cranberry is darker, but it's not anywhere close to black or purple or magenta. I would call it a dark red, personally, but it's not *that* dark.


Freebie fun

I, too, received the 20th anniversary freebie. It was something it wouldn't have occurred to me to buy, but I found a use for it and already can't imagine not having it.

freebie? what fun!

I'm expecting a package tomorrow -- hope I get whatever it is too! Can't wait to find out what it is. (I don't suppose it's that beautiful end table I love so much . . .)

So what is it

So what it is? Maybe it would prompt an order if we knew what the freebie is.

The cranberry is very pretty

The cranberry is very pretty - a friend of mine ordered a couple of notebooks in this color, and I wouldn't say it's brownish, but it is deeper than the standard red. That same friend also got the forest green, which is VERY dark...but beautiful, too. I would say that the cranberry is not as deep as the forest green - easier to see the actual color.
And I was pleasantly surprised by the freebie, too - very handy!

what is the freebie???

please tell us - might make me order something!


Wish I could. Got my order

Wish I could.

Got my order today, and no freebie. And I was so hoping they'd throw in that end table . . .

Crap, I assumed everyone was

Crap, I assumed everyone was getting them, or I wouldn't have mentioned it and got people's hopes up.

So what was it, please ?

We are curious =^..^=
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I received my order today,

I received my order today, too, and no freebie! :(


I received an order today and the freebie was included. Maybe it only comes with certain items? I've now ordered from Levenger about ten times now (both online and in the physical store), and they've given me three freebies. Must just be the timing; I like sales.

I received a cranberry colored Ambifolio for Christmas. I returned it because I prefer the now-discontinued toffee color, and didn't have a use for a folio since I use Circa. The cranberry was quite a bit darker than the red, and would take on a purple hue in some lighting.

Are you obligated to not say

Are you obligated to not say what it is? Does the freebie come with a confidentiality agreement?

They could tell us . . .

They could tell us, but then they'd have to kill us.

I got the freebie

If you don't want to know, skip this post! I don't want to anger anyone with my first post here!

Anyway, the freebie I got this week was a micro pda with a special cover. The paper covers under the translucent covers were green, and the front cover had a white box that says "Celebrating 20 Years" and "Levenger" with the Levenger tree in the background.

Woo hoo

Wow. A small paper pad...

I too got a freebie or "the

I too got a freebie or "the freebie" I should say as they all seem to be the same.

Thanks for the info!! ;)

Thanks for the info!! ;)

I loved getting this one too

It's such a great size.

I don't know if they have refills yet; I didn't buy one, sort of for that reason. Though of course I am using old business cards for refills. I didn't want to get attached.

People always ask me about my Levenger stuff, and I didn't want to say Oh yes this little thing is great but they don't have refills but I have a freakin' expensive hole punch to make my own refills, you can buy one too..... Takes away from the sleekness of the whole experience. With everything else I can tell them the website address and be done with it.

micro PDA

You know, I saw these in the store in Tyson's Corner and thought about getting one, but I wasn't sure how useful the size would be. It's perfect for sticking in my purse, better than the regular PDA size, but not a lot of room for lists and idea notes. What are you guys using yours for? I mean, if I got it for free I'm sure I could find a use for it >:)

Levenger Order

Christmas time I decided to give myself a gift >:). I ordered a saddle pocket briefcase with my initials ahhh yea i went fancy on this its suppose to arrive this or next week since the initial take some time to make. Hope I receive that neat gift. I think in 1 week it will be here its been 1 week already the guy said 2 weeks at the most :)

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

No luck

When my pocket briefcase arrived sadly i had no freebie :(

Proud owner of a Newton 2100