I just took the Circa plunge!

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Welcome to the club!

Let us know how you like the kit/what you do with it.

It arrived today

I'm pretty impressed with the speed in which I rcvd my order; I think it was only 2 or 3 days!

I came home tonight, pulled out the "kit" and headed off to sketch group. When I pulled the kit out @ sketch group there were a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs". I was told to take pictures and put it on our sketch group's website. (My plan is to use my circa notebooks for sketching and such).

Fortunately I rcvd my giftcard in time to also take advantage of the 20% discount, so I ordered the punch!

I'm thrilled!

Reminded me!

One of my original desires was to circa-fy a sketch book ... i tend to start things and then set them aside... You've reminded me of a project I just may have to tackle this weekend. It will be so nice to keep things in a constant rotating system... current work on top and my "in progress" stuff tucked safely below.

Thanks for the reminder!

Let us know how the setup works out for you :)

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