Need dual purpose utility pen

Can anyone recommend a good utility pen, not using standard ballpoint ink, that can write on well handled index cards and then not bleed through Moleskine paper? I've discovered the ultra-sharp (.5mm or smaller) gel style pens are great for Moleskines but can't write on handled index cards, probably due to finger oil (eww) or wear of the card's surface. Thanks !

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Nice cheap pen

I like using the Staedtler Silver Ball 404 0.3mm

It uses that roller ball ink rather than standard biro/ballpoint ink and writes nicely on moleskines, index cards ... and even on hands if I'm in a hurry. :-)

The ink hasn't bled through the paper on my moleskine

U.S. based

Thanks Katrina. I should have added I'm U.S. based. Staedtler pens don't seem to be available at our big 3 office suppliers. :-(

What a pity!

Staedtler's one of the few European brands that can be found everywhere here in Australia.

Hmmm, the only other cheaper rollerballs I've used and liked are
- the Pilot explorer. It's not a pretty pen but it does work well
- the Uniball Micro UB-120 which is also a good general pen.

It's a pity you can't get the Staedler's there. The range of colours is better than most other brands here and the pens are less than $1.50 each in the multipacks.
So I don't mind if I lose one or three. :)


I'm in the US and have found Staedtler stuff at local art supply stores :) Perhaps its worth a call... also, don't hesitate to ask if places can order things.

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I'm in the US and I've seen

I'm in the US and I've seen Staedtler pens at the larger office supply chains.