Circa Junior Agenda now $14.95!

Okay - I've got to admit to it ... in less than a week, I've become a total Circa-holic. *lol*

Last week I got my Junior Circa Starter Kit and totally love it!

Last night I went back to Levenger's site and was looking around and found more things that I of course, can't live without. *lol*

One of them was the Circa Junior Agenda ...

I was going to wait till this Friday to order it, went back tonight to look and "drool" and saw that they had it marked down to $14.95!!

Incredible, for the price I was going to pay for it originally and with it being marked down, I was also able to also order another Junior Starter kit to use for my bible studies. [I'm so happy!]

I still have a few things yet I want to get but not enough $ in the bank until Friday to order them.

I didn't want to wait till Friday to order my Agenda because I didn't want them to run out and my not be able to get one.

Just thought I'd mention on here that it is marked down so in case any of you were wanting one too. :-)

Oh ... and I also bought the monthly tabs for my agenda as well.

Now, the wait begins again [for my Fed-Ex man! I think the waiting has got to be the worst part of it. *Sigh*



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Always nice to see more people finding happiness in their planning paraphernalia :)

I put my circa stuff away for a bit only to find myself going through withdrawal. It truly is one of the best systems IMHO. Welcome to 'the dark side' :)

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I sense the beginning of a

I sense the beginning of a downward spiral here. :)

*lol* I think the downward

*lol* I think the downward spiral has already started. :-)



Wow, I just stumbled onto

Wow, I just stumbled onto this website and I have become a Circa -aholic in a matter of weeks. I have already place 5 orders - mainly because each time something comes I realize I need another thing. It's so nice to have the perfect planner with the things that are important to me. I am also creating a notebook for each one of my employees to keep track of my discussions with them. I am loving it!!!