Start Here Linkable Notebooks

We have discussed these before...

But, I was wondering if anyone had purchased this product??

www dot starthereny dot com

let me know!
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I just received the planner and 2 notebooks. I really like it but am still looking for more ALifeDesign planners. I bought one last summer at Target My only dislike is that it is so bulky I wish it didnt have as many lined pages in the back.
The linkable books are thinner but they have white covers which make me worry about keeping them clean. Will have to paste something on them

Linking other notebooks?

I've eyed these for a while but I'm not crazy about their planner page layout. I really like my Moleskine squared home-made planner but I seem to have some sort of mental block about using the free pages leftover behind my weekly planner for a running to-do list. Linking a couple Moleskine Cahiers together this way just might solve the problem. I feel a cover hack coming on!!

That sounds good and the

That sounds good and the cost couldnt be anymore than the Linkable notebooks. Let me know how it works

Any more comments....

.... to add to this discussion - I am really interested in these planners, but do not want to keep buying more "stuff" until I hear other people's thoughts on them.... My budget is getting smaller and smaller and my supply of "stuff" that is going unused is getting bigger and bigger!

nay nay

(that mean ta ta for now - my Mom taught me that one! :) )