Where could I find a Index Card (3 x 5) Binder?

I have spent hours searching the web for a ring binder for the 3 x 5 index cards.

I need something small to fit into a small pocket.

I really like the idea of a moleskine, but I prefer the thickness and the removability / insertability of index cards. Also I can print out templates onto index cards.

I know I can just use a binder clip or a rubber band, but I need something that looks just a little more professional.

I appreciate any advice...



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Oxfod makes a 2 ring binder

Oxfod makes a 2 ring binder for index cards.


Saw a nice 2-ring binder at

Saw a nice 2-ring binder at Wal-Mart the other day. It had a clear panel on front where you could insert a title page (like the view-binders have). Was in a hurry and didn't get the item number and don't remember the maker--Mead or Oxford, etc. Came in black and blue, maybe other colors.

On second thought, the

On second thought, the binder I saw at WalMart was a little too big to fit into a pocket--it would be too thick. But it was a nice-looking binder.

card holder

TRy Levenger or FranklinCovey Index Card Holder (Appparently at OfficeDepot but have not found in stock)

Index card size binders

Hey Ajay,

Day Runner/Mead makes a quite a few binders for 3x5 pages; the rings are usually 1/2" (not too big.) Just do an Advanced Search w/the 3x5" size: www.dayrunner.com

Also, Day Timers has Jotter size binders but they are more expensive.

Only drawback w/both is punching 6 holes instead of 2, though some of the Day Runner binders have 3 rings.


Rings and Pocket Protectors

I have two ideas:
1) buy your own rings in the "fasteners" section of your favorite office store, and punch holes in the cards. Not simple to slip cards in and out of though, and I imagine the cards would slide around a bit (I haven't actually tried this idea).

2) Here's what I'm doing now: Try a plastic pocket protector. They make a nice clear glare-free pocket you can slip a small set of cards into. I came across them in Staples (three for $2) and they make a nice holder for about 25+ cards, plus you can put important cards on the top and bottom of your deck, and view the information on them without opening anything. Only drawback is that when you pull them out, they are still loose, of course.

Moleskine Accordian File

Ajay, you've probably found something by now, but if not--
Moleskine has the perfect size- an accordian file with 6 pockets.
How cool is that?

Size: 3.5 x 5.5 inches (9 x 14 cm)
Pages: 6 sturdy cardboard pockets


I only know this from finding all you good people here by accident and searching links at 43 Folders, upon searching many hours for a non-stylus type replacement electronic organizer for my husband's recently broken one.

First I came across the pocketMod in google and thought what the heck-- what company makes that? and how come no stores have listed that one in all my searching? I thought it was an obscure piece of hardware but I was hoping it might have a nice "big" qwerty keypad,LOL.

Then I read the link and eventually found all of you. What serendipity. When I told my husband,who is disenchanted at the time-consuming prospect of fiddling with all that data and more cash outlay for another system that could be unreliable again in time, his eyes lit up. Unlike me, he has long known about the venerable Moleskine line of journals and has had several sizes of them stashed away that he purchased with a Borders gift certificate. He know they made an accordian file, too, so when I told him about the HipsterPDA, his eyes lit up with glee.

Not just one convert, but two more of us. Thank you all so much for this great site!

I have one

of these Moleskine six pocket accordion folders. It's OK. Not great. I find that I can't put more than 40 or so cards in it without it bulging and the cover slipping up from under the elastic. I did see a video of a hack for this folder where you push the accordion folds on the sides out instead of leaving them folded in. But then it's not as neat as with the folds in. I found the video through a link on this site but I have no idea now where I found it. I know, 40 cards may sound like a lot to some but with an hPDA if you have calendar cards, todo's, ideas, notes, blanks, etc. it fills up pretty quickly.

If you have more cards just

If you have more cards just get another moleskin. I recently thought of having several different binders/notebooks rather than trying to find one ideal solution. Still I would like to keep them all in one place. Probably some kind of a zipped folio. Any ideas?

funny you should mention

i absolutely love the moleskine products. i've been using them for six plus years and have a library full of a recorded history of my day to day life. discovering their product empowered me, i slip it in my pocket and go on with my day--when the moment arrives, i have a home for my thoughts and ideas....so glad you mentioned it!

I had the same problem. (I

I had the same problem. (I actually have a worse problem because I live in Switzerland, and A7-sized cards are the closest any shop has to index cards.) I was inspired by the Moleskine concept, so I made my own.

It's quite easy. I took an old breakfast cereal box, cut it to size, covered it in fake leather (taken from my old sofa which I'd hacked to bits) using a glue gun, stuck a piece of elastic to the inside ala Moleskine, and voila! I have a nice place to keep my loose-leaf cards.

The elastic actually keeps the cards really neat, as long as you don't overload the thing with too many cards. It's the best solution I've had so far. Even my wife wants one now, and she was previously a DIYPlanner-skeptic.

Maybe I'll post detailed instructions for making a cover one day, if that would help.



RIng binder - Filofax

I have the Filofax Mini binder, the pages are about 3x5 so index cards should fit nicely. This is a wonderful site!

Yes! Filofax is the solution.

3x5 index card is perfectly fitted into Filofax pocket size organizer. And how do you file them? Buy a metal hole punch from Filofax! Now you can print on 3x5 index card and file it in a very nice organizer.


In Belgium every paperstore sells a loose ring binding system called Atoma (www.atoma.be). Another variant is also exported as www.adocsystems.com. The minimal choice is to take an A7 notepad.
But to stick to 3 x 5 index cards. Levenger calls it Circa and has a Circa Desk Punch to punch the cards and has also covers with rings.
The atoma solution is to punch and ring your cards and maybe add the cover after cutting it to the right size.

Atoma Myndology

Atoma is being distributed by myndolgoy
They make a five disc bound for 3x5.
Picture here: picture

Duc Ly

Apparently the German pen

Apparently the German pen manufacturer Montblanc sell a 3" x 5", six ring binder. I imagine you can still find them there. ;)

no they do not.

no they do not.

What the rude, anonymous troll is saying is ...

That the 3.5 year old link to Montblanc is now dead.
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Index Card Keeper 3 by 5

Mead has made an index card holder with a Moleskine flavor -- several nice discrete colors, spiral binding on top covered by fabric, thick elastic to keep the bottom closed, four vinyl pockets, holds up to 100 cards.

It is called the Mead Five Star Advance Index Card Keeper

Available at:
Got mine at RiteAid drugstore for $2.49!


I found a plastic case, made

I found a plastic case, made by Mead, at my local RiteAid... not sure the model, and haven't been able to find it online, but it's the best thing I've found so far. Works well, but I'm looking for something more multi-pocketed...

DIY'd it

Having found nothing really pocketable in retail I made my own out of a black plastic report cover. It's sized about like a Moleskine Cahier cover, so it's slightly larger than index cards. Single hole in the top left corner, ditto for my cards, one book ring through the whole lot to hold it together. I like being able to fan through my cards 'book style', vs. reporter notebook style and it's thin enough for front or rear pants pocket. Maybe 25 cards total in mine.

Desk holder

I have just started doing this and have taken a set of A-Z index cards and using a label printer have re-labeled as Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Weekend, Next Week, This Month, Next Month. I put them in a clear box on my desk at home and then bring them to work with a clip. What I plan to do next is have anothe empty box on my desk to put them in. The missing link is a slimline box, perhaps with a flip-top lid for on-the-go storage.

which side?

Which side would you rather have the rings... the 3 inch side or the 2 inch side?

Also, what diameter rings would you prefer?


Try Wal-mart in the office

Try Wal-mart in the office supply area

You said binder and pocketable

Ajay, your question was my dilemma. I've settled on a single book ring in the upper left corner, black covers made index card size for front and back from a flexible plastic report cover. I use a 1/8" thick, flat hair band to 'rubber band' the notebook so it doesn't shift around in my pocket. It looks businesslike, not girlie. :-) Any of the binders I've seen are too big to be pocketable, or other carry methods hold loose cards and just try using those outdoors in the wind. :-) More on the concept here: http://fullcontactgeek.com/page.php?2 . My 46 cards plus covers are only 3/8" thick. Perfectly pocketable and looks good enough for professional use.

Dollar Store

Dollar Store

check out classicdiary.com

check out classicdiary.com

Check OfficeMax

OfficeMax has the 3x5 index card binder. It has D-rings that can fit up to 100 index cards. It also has an interior pocket and two divider pages. It comes in different colors. The price is only $2.49.

I just bought the 4x6 binder size in March 2008.


Thank you very much, this was very helpful to me.

Did you see the Real Simple (Index) Card Wheel ?

Credit card size
(Google Cache) Index card size

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Index card binder giveaway

I saw this post and thot I would mention that this week we are giving away a prototype of a newly designed 3X5 card binder. It is all leather, including the lining and has one inch rings.

We designed it so that the rings show thru the front and rear covers. I will also be posting a two colored version later with an inside shot of the pen loop and a diagonal pocket inside for storage.

You can read about it and then make a comment to enter the drawing at:


Where can I find an index card binder?

OfficeMax sells index card binders online.

When I was at Office Depot,

When I was at Office Depot, I picked up a rubbery 3x5 card holder that had a pen loop, storage on the inside for cards, and guides on the outside to hold a card or 2 to view. It came in a few colors for about $4 and a "leather" one for a couple dollars more. I looked online but cant find what I picked up in store. If you have an Office Depot nearby, take a look! I've found great 3x5, 4x6, and 5x8 stuff there and Staples. Even for a big city, Walmart doesn't have much in the way of 3x5 supplies here in San Diego.

Right here


and here


By the way, the punched holes are the same distance apart as standard 3-hole paper
(At least they were last time I checked), so if you have a 3-hole punch, you can punch more cards for these instead of buying the pre-punched ones.
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Looking at the picture in

Looking at the picture in the second link that ygor provided, it seems you can buy individual rings, make your own covers and have a DIY index card binder.

Another option -

I remembered a previous discussion when I saw this post. That thread was talking about the high cost of the Levenger International Pocket Briefcase - and an alternative by Franklin Covey. It was a similar item called the "task list wallet" at that time, and was an exclusive to Office Depot online. I saw this item on the Franklin Covey site a couple of days ago - listed for $7.95!

I've used one of these for a year now for both the notecards, and as a case for my IPod Touch. It has enough capacity for me - about 20-30 cards. The leather is showing some wear, so I'm going to order a couple soon as spares. Easy to do at that price.

Thought it might me another option that is very pocketable.

Not a OD or FC employee - just a satisfied customer.

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Found a picture on Flickr, but...


I cannot find a link on OfficeDepot for it.
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Found it on the FC site