Circa Junior Page Protectors

I would like an alternative to buying the expensive Circa Junior Page Protectors. I do not want to laminate or use tape as I need to write permanently on the pages. Has anyone found a less expensive alternative in the Junior size?

Thank you!

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How many?

Sorry, but you may be out of luck, but how many do you need? If it's just a tiny number, and since, from your post I gather you intend to reuse these, I would think that the long-term cost would be rather low....


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3-hole page protectors won't

3-hole page protectors won't help if he's using Circa...

You can punch them


You can punch page protectors if you do it carefully.

I would personally recommend using good, sturdy packing tape over the punch area to eliminate 'stretching' when you punch the plastic. Alternatively you can try sandwiching paper sheets on both sides of the plastic to help the punch get through the plastic without 'chewing' it.

Also, Rollabind has page protectors--they might even have the half-page size we're talking about (Classic or Junior).