On Hiatus

I've been putting off writing this post for far too long now, and it's not an easy one to compose. But I wanted you all to know. As of last Thursday, I'm taking a brief hiatus. Not sure when I'll be back, but don't worry... I WILL be back to fill your Thursdays with more creative ideas and reviews. I have this list, you see... and I want to finish it...

The past week has contained a series of difficult moments for me. Some good, some bad, but all leading me to realize I need some time off. Time to pamper my mind and myself. To sort out all the madness that has happened this week.

I need time to enjoy a conference I'll be attending this weekend. Time to learn a new contract gig I started this week. Some time to adjust to the fact that our house has one less kitty running around. And some driving time with the new car my hubby and I got for a great deal (and as retail therapy for said kitty). What really gets me, is other than the daily tech writing I do, I haven't been able to write or read much. So I need time to calm down and give my muse and myself time for writing and reading once more.

Honestly, I am okay. I'm taking it slow, one day at a time and allowing myself to just be. Thank you for reading and here's hoping things return to "normal" soon. Until I return, enjoy all the past posts and continue the great help and conversations you're all having in the forums.

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Sorry for your loss


I lost a cat between Christmas and New Year's. He'd been with us for nearly 11 years after climbing my (bare) leg to sit on my shoulder at the pet store. We had to make a terrible decision; it was very difficult.

I still tear up because of the circumstances around his end.

We have another cat still around. She has become much more vocal and aggressive since he left. He was alpha cat, obviously. But talking to her is different from talking to him. It's just not the same.

I wrote a post on my blog about his passing, hoping it would be 'therapy' and help me get back to normal, but I think only telling the story a few times to family and laying all the raw emotions on the table actually helped. And then time, too. But I still tear up.

Breaks are good. Perspective is good. Everyone needs some time to adjust.

oh hun

Many heart felt condolences to you... I know how deep pets can wiggle, wag or purr into your heart and soul. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to email me. You have done so much - you inspire, guide and offer support and words of wisdom. I am so grateful to have met you through this haven for the creatively organized.

Many hugs and good wishes to you. I have a feeling that many good things will come to you - karma works that way.

Take care hun! <3

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that's a lot

I'm sorry to hear about all the stress in your life, especially the loss of your dear kitty. It's good that you're taking care of yourself. Best of luck

Thank You

Always enjoy your writings.

Change is good. Keeps us alive and growing. Sitting in the corner sucking your thumb with a blanket on your head can be worthwhile too. Whatever works for you, this time.

Deeply sorry for the loss of your Buddy. We never have enough years with our pets.

Enjoy your time!

Hang in there

*hugs* Good luck, see you soon:)

Steve Sharam

Have a good rest

I can't seem to be writing or reading much either.
You'll be in the groove in not time.
Duc Ly



Be well.

Be back.



Rest and recover

Condolences on the loss of your feline friend. We lost a much-loved kitty last week ourselves, so we know how that goes.

Take your time, find your rhythm, and we'll be here.

And of course pigpogm says it better than I can.

Do you procrastinate?

Take care.... we will miss your wit and wisdom

Take care dear innowen.

This too will pass. (Sometimes just not fast enough.)

A book I found helpful to center my soul was "The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of Soul in Corporate Amercia" by David Whyte (Currency Doubleday).

Blessings to you. You will be missed, but we will make due,

The Passionate Pilgrim
-- Excellence through Simplicity


Sorry to hear that you've got one less kitty. We had to put ours to sleep the week of Thanksgiving due to kidney problems. The house just wasn't the same without a cat and we adapted two from a no-kill cat shelter in the area that we visit more often than is good for us.

Enjoy your time of rest & relaxation & reading. Sometimes you just need a break from life for your mental health.


In the moment...

I have appreciated your posts! Be well!
Looking forward to hearing from you whenever you choose.
Too much of everything [I love] is just enough.
~Calvin & Hobbes