How do you change circa rings?

If you have say a circa notebook in 3/4 rings and you want to change to 1", or you just want to change the colour of the rings, how do you do that? Do you have to carefully take out the 60 or whatever pages and then carefully put in the other rings? I'm thinking that would take forever?

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very carefully...

;-) Actually, I pull out 5-10 pages at a time. Generally, if I'm changing notebooks, I pull the covers, and attach the new rings to those. That gives some body. Then I start pulling at the front or back, in chunks. Sometimes, I can get them on in bigger chunks, sometimes not, but you don't need to do one at a time.

One little trick I've found that works for me is that I don't start at the top or bottom, when I'm reattaching the pages to the rings, but I start in the middle, and work my way up, then down--or down, then up. That seems to keep things more level and together, and also, they seem to "pop" into place better than if I start at the edges. Try it, you might like it.

But while it seems, at the start, at least, like it will be forever long, it goes quickly enough.


Changing rings

What Jon said pretty much describes the way I do the change also.

I am a notebook junkie.

Thanks. :) I don't have my

Thanks. :) I don't have my circa yet, but will be changing colour of rings when it arrives. This helps.