If I get the full size circa hole puncher for my letter sized binder, would it also work for the circaPDA??

I know there is a little separate one for the PDA, but just wondering if I could get by with the big one if I'm already springing for the $58.

Thanks, Nola

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A la Roseanne Roseannadanna.. nevermind!!

It's so right there on the website!

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Circa Paper Punch

The great thing about the Circa Desk punch ($58 ?) is that it is totally adjustable - one punch works for the desk, junior and pda sizes. I've also used it on some of the odd sized pieces that I want to keep... It is so totally worth the price!

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Nola, Yes. I own the desktop


Yes. I own the desktop puncher and have used it to add custom CircaPDA pages to my hipsters. All you need to do is align the index cards with the bottom and they'll work perfectly. (The bottom being the part that has the metal slider.)


marking page sizes

I used a Sharpie to mark the various paper sizes I use regularly (3x5, A5, etc.) onto the slider, so that I can quickly set it up. Would be simple to mark the micro size. I swear, someday, I'm going to try making a micro-pda, since people rave about them so much! I use the A7 size (about the same width as 3x5, but shorter) do I don't know how much smaller the micro would be, or if it would be worth it, but someday....


jon, Good idea on marking

Good idea on marking your puncher. :) I never really thought of it, seeing that i use the bottom slide guide for aligning all my works.

I agree with you. While i'm tempted to make some sort of "thing" out of my micro pda, i don't see much of a daily use for such a small size. I know that switching over to index card size removed the fear and intimidation for my note taking. However, i think anything smaller would get lost in the sea of books in my bag.

That said, i'm still sure that the micro pda is a great size for keeping a "book of journal prompts and questions."


Yes you can use the big one

Yes you can use the big one for everything as mentioned. I do have the desk punch AND the little 3x5 one though. It's nice having one at home and one at the office. The little one is so compact it's great to have around and it's easy to take with you. I bought the little one first, and I don't regret it.

I have two

desk punches, one for home and work. Stangely enough, I find the one I use at home to be cumbersome, lugging it around room to room. That's probably because it doesn't have it's own "home" in the house. I would have rather had a portable punch for home.

CircaPunch: enhanced


A push-button page sizer is now part of the desk punch. (It should make things easier) ;)

Photos: link, link


Nice Punch Addition; So, Rasmussen...

... if my latest Levenger desk punch order shipped out yesterday, will I get a new-fangled one? They look pretty sharp!

(and no smart comments about that order from the Peanut Gallery... a person can always use a second Circa desk punch, right?)


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New-fangled punch


I'm pretty sure you will receive the new version.


Can I send mine back for an

Can I send mine back for an upgrade, Ryan?

exchanges / upgrades



The new punch makes multiple sizes easier to manage (without breaking out a sharpie.) ;)



I resemble that remark!!! (oh, wait... uh....)


I have the new version and

I have the new version and tested out all the different sizes. It works great and you don't even have to think about where to punch. Just select the right size and have at it! I was guessing this was a new feature since the cPDA form factor hasn't been around that long.



How much nicer that is. *sigh* All I have is the old Rolla desk punch. I had to *mark* mine, by hand even!

Woe is me.


Yeah, but...

"We were grateful!" ;-) At least the snow was only knee-deep both ways...



Jon, hush up!

You're ruining my play for sympathy. Geez.



33 cm

That's more than one foot since last night. Not done yet. We should get another 5 cm before the end of the day. My car is buried. There is enough snow in the backyard for the neighbours' dogs to jump over the fence and play in ours. Bad.

I love winter. I love to shovel. But now I'm fed up with shoveling. I never thought that would happen.

ah. spring!

Our tulips are about 20cm high. our forsythias are blooming, and I see leaves budding on all the trees. Temps are fifties (12-15C), and it looks like old man winter has been put to bed for good, here in Krakow. Beautiful spring... ;-)




Amen, I have a peculiar

Amen, I have a peculiar fondness for shoveling too. It's actually quite pleasant in the morning when it's quiet and the snow is still pristine. I invested in some quality snow boots this year that are amazing. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I want spring.

I'm a native mid-westerner, but I moved back from spending 2 years in Florida last January '07. I don't know if it's just that this is my first FULL winter back or what, but this feels like the longest winter ever. I like winter more than I used to, but enough is enough. I'm looking forward to seeing my lawn again, buying a new bike, and getting out on my vespa. And sunglasses and birkenstocks.

DeskPunch enhanced - video

Video update: Link to illustration

I just bought the letter

I just bought the letter sized hole punch, it has guide stops for all of the smaller sizes, it's really cool.


New Fangled Delay

Oh sure, the anticipation of getting my hands on that new punch is squashed by the fact that FedEx picks this time to deliver my package to (apparently) the wrong company. Still waiting on a call back from their local terminal. (Everybody else here seems to have a shipping horror story, so I figured that I had to share mine.) :-)


"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle

Oops, I didn't realize I had all these relpies! (I'm the OP)

I wasn't sure how to watch this thread and I forgot.

So, I ordered on Tuesday (11th) and it is arriving next Tuesday (18th) so that's fine with me. I did the regular shipping. Actually at first I was going to do the 3 day one but then restrained myself.

Here was my haul:
Circa Punch - Desk
Circa Bookcloth Notebook, Letter - Plum
Circa PDA Notebook - Bluebell
Circa PDA Notebook Tab Dividers, 5 Multicolor

I'm going to set up a letter size and PDA size system. And as for having another punch at the office, I'm going to hold out. For now I'm going to 'punch a bunch' at home and bring them in to work. Since I'm only in the office 3d a week and I'm at home every night, I think it will work.