Moleskine spotted on TV

So, did anyone else but me notice that on the season finale for "Fashion Runway" last night the judges were taking their notes in Moleskines? Or am I the only one on the list who finds that show strangely compelling?

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You're not the only one

The show is a family favorite (we always pick the wrong one to win in each competition, though). I did, however, miss their use of moleskeins. I recorded it so I'll have to take another look tonight before the winner is announced!

I noticed too!

That is funny because that was the first thing I noticed about the judges! Man, whenever I see someone using a Moleskine, it makes me want to pick one up again! UGH! They are just so great!

The elastic band was the giveaway.

Yup, it was the little elastic band that clued me in and made me pay attention. I'm guessing that the show provided them because I can't really see Posh Spice saying "I'd be happy to be a judge but I insist on using Moleskine for my notes." I may be totally misjudging her but I just don't see her as a notebook/fountain pen/writer's tools geek.

This has been mentioned on

This has been mentioned on the Moleskinerie site, complete with picture:
Sighting: Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Victoria Beckham

spotted on Alton Brown

I caught Alton Brown's bbq show on Food Network last night and guess what he was using to record his foodie notes? Yup. A moleskine.